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  • January 23rd, 2008

    January 23, 2008:
    Could it possibly happen? Really?

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:15 am in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    We all know Trot signed a 1 year contract with Cleveland last year, when the Sox decided to go and get a more expensive (and less productive) right fielder in JD Drew. And, at this point, Cleveland has not offered an extension to Trot, nor has anyone else. And, the Sox are still looking for a left-handed bat–and Trot could very well be available options…How freaking COOL would that be to have Trot back????

    Unfortunately, it looks like they are looking for more of a 1st base back up–like Eric Hinske was last year–and Hinske is still an option, as is Sean Casey, Mark Sweeney, Doug Mientkiewicz and Tony Clark…Noooooo!!!! Not Tony Clark!! Remember 2002 when we all cringed for an ENITRE SEASON when Dauber and Clark shared 1st base? UGH….Mientkiewicz is a possibility, sucky bat, but GREAT defensively–if the rowdy masses don’t try to kill him for the whole 2004 ball-gate thing….

    Its a sad state of affairs, but when the Sox play in Japan, they will be wearing patches bearing the corporate logo for EMC Corp., the data storage firm in Mass, making it the 1st time the Sox have worn a logo other than a sporting goods logo on their uniforms…Fortunately, there is no plans to have them wear the advertisement on US soil…

    Chucky in trouble: Looks like Chuck Knoblauch should have accepted Congress’ invitation for a deposition. Did he really think they would be like “OH, OK, Chucky, you can ignore us–we’ll go away…”NOT? Now, he is now being compelled to appear and speak via subpoena, or face contempt charges…Brian McNamee told the Mitchell Report he injected Knoblauch with HGH, and he is also one of 9 players mentioned in the federal agent’s affidavit citing former major league pitcher Jason Grimsley…

    Speaking of the Mitchell report–the Houston Astros are having a mini-camp next week–and Mercenary Roger may be showing up as a coach (he has not decided yet) and the Astros will welcome him with open arms…From Astros GM Ed Wade: “The bottom line is to find out if he’s going to be here…And he’s welcome to be here.” Roger’s big “concern” is the media being a distraction to the kids” Yeah ok….

    Well, it’s that time of year again, although I think this year it’s a week or two earlier than in past years. Where, at 10:00am on Saturday Morning, I will grab a large cup of coffee, and sit in front of my computer for as long as it takes to get tickets to a Red Sox game. Some years I have gotten them in 2-3 hours–others, as long as 10…and one year, I could not get any….So it should be interesting to see if the baseball goddess sees fit to deign that I get tickets…My biggest complaint about the whole “virtual waiting room” is that say you choose tickets fro a game on June 11th–you can wait 5 hours to get into the place to buy tickets, only to find there isn’t any tickets left for that game on the 11th–so then you have to go out and choose ANOTHER date and wait however long it takes to get into THAT ticket purchasing area. What they SHOULD do is once you get into the place to buy tickets, have a search engine to find all tickets available (Say you want 3 tickets in June) and then list them and the location….

    Can someone get working on this? Please?

    2 Responses to “January 23, 2008:
    Could it possibly happen? Really?”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, I would be over the moon if Nixon came back. I doubt it happens, but how awesome would that be?

      I’m going to pretend they aren’t going to wear those patches; makes me sad to think about it.

      Hope you are doing well,


    2. Christine E. says:

      Hey Ted:

      Good to hear from you..adn always thank so much for your commnets…:-)

      Good advice, I am going to pretend that the patches dont exist as well..:-)

      And as far as Trot goes, well, that goes without saying..:-)

      Hope you are well!

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