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  • January 22nd, 2008

    January 22, 2008:
    Back to Nuthin’ Again…

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:35 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Once again, NO news–I go to the Boston newspapers online and there is nothing since Sunday! All they are running is AP feeds….

    And their biggest news there is that Albert Pujols is mad and cranky (so what else is new??) about the whole steroid brouhaha and refused to let a reporter and camera man play at his press conference because the station they work for published the bogus listing of players named in the Mitchell Report the day it was released….

    Spare me…How many other new outlets ran with that story as well???

    So what is there to talk about in Red Sox Nation?

    No word on Youk and Kyle Snyder yet–Check

    Roger is still a jerk and a mercenary–Check

    Remember Scott Proctor? Pitcher for the Skanks that looks like Michael Weatherly of NCIS? Signed with the Dodgers for $1,115,000…Bummer–The Sox always did well against him, especially as the season wore on and he became of the two guys in the bullpen Joe Torre would go to time and time again, until their arms nearly fell off…

    The big question right now is can the Sox be the 1st team in the new millennium to go back to back? Its essentially the same team–perhaps even better, cause freaking Gagne is GONE…Lets just hope that if the Sox ARE going to win a World Series in 2008, that its alot less painful–and that JD Drew, Coco Crisp (if he is still with the team–which is doubtful) and Sir Julio the Useless pick up the pace from their less than stellar 2007 seasons…

    And if they can–they’ll be in some elite company… Since 1977, only 2 teams have done it–The Blue Jays (92-93) and the Skanks twice (77-78, 98-2000)

    Mike Lowell weights in on the possibility: “Hopefully guys can stay healthy and have the years they’re capable of having…We expect to make the playoffs and go very deep into the playoffs again. There shouldn’t be any reason why we wouldn’t.”

    Curt Schilling as well: “I am excited to know that my last year in the game will be with a team that has another legitimate chance to win the World Series…

    22 days!!

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