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  • January 18th, 2008

    January 18, 2008:
    A Little Bit Louder Now…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:31 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)


    A little more stuff to talk about today, especially with everyone who was in town for the Boston Baseball Writers Awards Dinner last night…

    Mike Lowell, in town to receive the Thomas A. Yawkey Award at the dinner, weighed in on a bunch of topics, most controversial the proposed blood test for HGH. The proposal is that the players give blood samples now, and the samples are frozen, in anticipation of a blood test in the future which can check for the presence of HGH… Mike says he is willing to give–but only if there is zero room for error: “If it’s 99 percent accurate, that’s going to be seven false positives…Ninety-three percent is 70 guys. That’s almost three whole rosters…You’re destroying someone’s reputation. What if one of the false positives is Cal Ripken? Doesn’t it put a black mark on his career?”

    Other folks winning awards at last night’s function: Longtime coach and scout Dick Berardino: The Judge Emile Fuchs Award (for long and meritorious service to baseball), Terry Francona, Manager of the year, Cleveland’s GM Mark Shapiro, ML Exec of the Year, Dustin Pedroia, AL and Red Sox rookie of the year and Jon Lester, the Tony Conigliaro Award (for courage in overcoming adversity), Carlos Pena as New England Player of the Year, Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz (who also received accolades for his no-hitter) Red Sox Minor League Players of the Year, Hideki Okajima, Unsung Hero of the Year, Kevin Youkilis, Jackie Jensen Award, Jonathan Papelbon, Fireman of the Year, Josh Beckett, Red Sox Pitcher of the Year and Alex Rodriguez, (ICK!!!) Ted Williams Award…

    During his time in Boston for the awards, Tito was asked (already!) who his starters will be in Japan! While he gave no definites, it looks like Daisuke and Beckett. Although Daisuke’s wife is due to have their 2nd child around that time (In Boston) so there is a chance Daisuke will not even be with the team when they go to his homeland…If that happens, I think they would go with Curt Schilling…

    Another question that came up is, why, after being the ONLY manager in the history of the Red Sox to win 2 World Series, has his contract not been renewed after this year??? From Theo:

    “We’ve made no secret that it’s a goal of ours to extend Tito’s contract this off-season…He’s certainly earned it and we view him as a core, long-term member of the organization. Both sides have vowed to keep negotiations confidential to increase the chances of getting a deal done.”

    WHY is there a chance the deal won’t get done???? Pay him what he deserves (which is AT LEAST as much as Joe Torre got from the Dodgers–$5 million a year….)

    Also in the news was the fact that the World Anti Doping Agency is throwing snarky comments out with regard to Major League Baseball and their current response to the Mitchell Report: “Professional baseball’s response to Senator Mitchell’s report is baffling…To suggest that it might continue to keep its anti-doping testing program in-house … is demeaning to Senator Mitchell and the congressional committees who view doping as a serious threat to public health.”

    This is in response to Senator Mitchell’s recommendation that all drug testing be done by independent facilities, Since drug testing for MLB begun in 2002 its has been administrated by a joint management-player committee. In 2006, when congress objected to the current way things were being handled, they jointly picked an independent administrator–but this administrator can be removed at any time by either party.

    How is this NOT the fox guarding the henhouse????

    And, at the Owners meeting last week, the Owners have decide to give Bud Selig a 3 years extension as Commissioner…Added to the year he still has, he will now serve through 2012. He has originally said he would retire when his contract expired at the end of 2009. Now, he said that after 2012, he really will…Who is HE channeling? Roger Clemens? What’s next? He’ll be commissioner, but only fro 1/2 a year?

    Get him out, and get Peter Gammons IN–can we PLEASE get a man on this?????

    One Response to “January 18, 2008:
    A Little Bit Louder Now…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, Gammons would make a great commisioner. Sadly, we’re stuck with Uncle Bud. If you want to read a great first person account of a fan at the Writers Dinner, go to a friend of mine’s blog here:


      Her another friend got to go and she sounds like it was a great time.

      Hope you are well,


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