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  • January 9th, 2008

    January 9, 2008:
    16 Votes…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:40 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Well, Jim Ed got much closer–unfortunately, it was not close enough. Placing 2nd in the balloting by adding 46 votes and increasing 8.7%, Jim Rice finished at 392 votes and 72.2%–which is basically 16 votes shy of the 75% needed to get into the hall.

    The good news is that he still has another year before he gets turned over to the Veteran’s Committee, who are frequently even more difficult to get votes from. And historically, every player who has hit the 70% mark gets into the Hall of Fame. From Jim Ed: “Today’s results are obviously a disappointment…I believe my accomplishments speak for themselves, and a majority of the voters seem to agree. It is tough to come this close, but I remain hopeful for the 2009 results. I appreciate all the kind words from so many players, including Rich Gossage, and I congratulate Goose on his well-deserved election today.”

    The only inductee for the 2008 class is the 5th reliever to receive the honor: Rich “Goose” Gossage, who, over his career appeared in 1,002 games over 22 seasons while playing for 9 teams, had a career ERA of 3.01 and a record of 124-107, with 310 saves. He also struck out 1,502.

    Here are the rest:


    As are the rules of engagement, players must have 5% or more of the vote to stay on the ballot, so all of the ones marked in blue–Buh, Bye…

    Also saying goodbye is Dave Concepcion, who is in his 15th and final year on the writer’s ballot, receiving 88 votes and 16.2% of the vote. He is now in the hands of the Veteran’s Committee…

    Interesting to note that Mark McGwire didn’t fare any better this year than last, hanging steady at 23% of the vote…

    You would think people would be sick of talking about it…I know I am–but apparently, the taped phone call did much more harm than good for Roger. Instead of blowing the lid off the scandal and vindicating him, it makes him look even more like a creep–wow…did not even think THAT was possible. Apparently, McNamee sent Roger a text asking him to call his kid cause he is sick–at his child’s home–a place McNamee no longer lives–he had no intention of speaking with Roger…Yet Roger called McNamee–and never called his sick son…and this isn’t supposed to look like Roger was trying to get something from Brian McNamee???

    And how about this: There is a blow by blow description of how great a pitcher Roger has been over the years in his lawsuit. Including QUOTES from his manager and the like…He also throws the Houston Astros under the bus saying the reason he did so poorly in 2006 (winning only 7 games) is because of “poor run support” What IS this? A legal document or a Press Release???

    If you have TONS of money to burn, you can actually road trip it to Japan to be a part of the Sox opening the 2008 campaign there…In packages being put together by Fenway Sports Group the trip price would include airfare, lodging, and tickets to the Tokyo Dome to watch the Sox play Oakland on March 25 and 26. Other potential parts of the package could be gift packages, game balls, and other memorabilia…

    Total cost? $4,000 to $6,000–Per person…

    One Response to “January 9, 2008:
    16 Votes…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Hi Christine. I really hope Rice makes it next year, but Ricky Henderson being available may hurt him. I thought this year was gonna be his year.

      Clemens saying that about the Astro’s doesn’t surprise me. What a dink.

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