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  • January 7th, 2008

    January 7, 2008:
    A Roundtable, A Concert, A Denial AND A Lawsuit?

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:29 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Holy Buckets! Stuff aplenty going on…and one of the big themes of the weekend? JERKS Abound…

    JERK #1: More from mini-me Steinbrenner: “I always told him (Cashman), `I’m going to make the final decisions because when you’re the owner you should…He is the general manager, and he has the right to talk me out of it and he has talked me out of some things.” What a surprise, he talked you out of some things…

    And I swear Brain Cashman must be the biggest idiot/glutton for punishment for dealing with that family, or a pretty crafty guy: “The dynamics are changing with us…When I signed up with this current three-year deal, and this is the last year of it, it was with full authority to run the entire program. George (Steinbrenner) had given me that. But things have changed in this third year now with the emergence of Hal and Hank Steinbrenner and that started this winter…” At this point, I am leaving towards the idiot/glutton for punishment option…

    Tomorrow: RSN waits in anticipation to sjim-eds-hof-stats.bmpjim-eds-hof-stats.bmpee if #14 is the charm for Jim Ed, and that he will get the requisite 75% of votes he needs to be inducted into his rightful place in the baseball Hall of Fame…

    Some interesting stats on his voting tho:


    It’s funny how he pretty much has went up every year, although he took a HUGE dive in 1999, then some smaller ones in 02-03 and 07. Will he get the 11.5% he needs to get in?

    Neato fact: During the Hot Stove/Cool Music weekend, the Roundtable alone netted more than $100,000 for A Foundation to Be Named Later…

    With all the Roger Brouhaha, you would have to think that Dan Duquette would be feeling a little bit vindicated? From Dan: “The personnel decisions I made on behalf of the Red Sox for nine years were always driven by what I thought to be the best interest of the team and its fans…If you are looking for my personal comments on the Mitchell Report, I have to tell you I am not comfortable commenting on the findings – nor is it appropriate for me to do so.” Classy answer—Good for him…

    So now lets talk about that BULLSH*T that was being thrown around last night on 60 minute–unfortunately, I only saw the 1st part of it (damn TiVo and the football game!) But my favorite part of the interview was the beginning–the whole rant about how much he has done for the game, both personally and professional–Set the tone RIGHT there–everyone knew this was going to be the same, arrogant, self-absorbed, jackass as always…

    And my most favorite-est part was the classic answer, in response to Mike Wallace question about how can he be 45 years old and still compete: “…You do it with hard work. Ask any of my teammates. Ask anybody that’s come here and done the work with me.”

    To THAT I offer:


    1993-1996 40-39, ERA 3.77, K’s per 9IP: 8.66

    1997-2007 162-73, ERA 3.21, K’s per 9IP: 8.75


    OK, Maybe, MAYBE, Roger Clemens didn’t take steroids…But I don’t think he gained anything by doing that interview…He just came off as a…JERK…To me the most damning evidence is the fact that Andy Pettitte corroborated Brian McNamee’s testimony of his own drug use…

    But, in a surprising move, Roger Clemens has filed a defamation suit against his former trainer, Brian McNamee….furthermore, he is asking the Harris County Civil Court(Where his lawsuit is filed) to rule that he has not defamed McNamee…I expect that McNamee will counter file soon…This is getting VERY interesting

    Let’s see how his and Andy Pettitte’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee will go on January 16.

    One Response to “January 7, 2008:
    A Roundtable, A Concert, A Denial AND A Lawsuit?”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, on Jim Ed, I heard Buster Olney say that 11% translates to about 125 more votes this year than he got last year, which sounds like a lot. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

      And did you catch any of Clemens’ press conference? They played a taped phone call between Clemens and McNamee from Friday. That guy has LOST it, cursing and crying asking Clemens “What do you want me to do” over and over again.

      An ever lovin’ trainwreck.

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