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  • January 2nd, 2008

    December 2, 2008:
    The 2nd Day of the 2008 Season…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:32 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    …and 43 days until Pitchers and Catchers report–and not fricken soon enough…

    Hopefully, now that baseball’s holiday hiatus is over, there will be more to talk about, cause there has been little or no news/info of any note in a LONG time…

    The big story (relatively speaking) right now–and very appropriate for this time of year, is if the Sox an repeat in 2008 and take home their 3rd World Series trophy in 5 years…

    Unlike after 2004, where a good portion of the 2004 team signed elsewhere (Skeezy Bastard, Pedro, Derek Lowe, The OC, etc etc) right now, the 2008 consists of the same starting 9 as the 2007 permutation (mores the pity–I was hoping we could get rid of at least Julio Lugo). While Coco Crisp is still being shopped around, and could be playing elsewhere when the season starts in Mid March (and April 1 for everyone else) it looks like the 2008 Red Sox will be remarkably similar to the 2007 version–which means RSN will be in for a TON of frustrating and nerve wracking moments as they were last year.

    I am still a bit amazed the team of 2007 won it all–never thought it would happen, never in a million years…but, as amazing as it is, the BOSTON RED SOX are the 1st team in this millennia to win more than 1 World Series–and one of the best things about this 21st century? Guess how many World Series titles the Skanks have? HA HA….

    Theo’s thoughts on repeating: “The goal is to build something that can be sustained — to not just have success, but sustained success over a long period of time…It’s hard to do because you have to win at the Major League level while also cultivating a future through the Minor League system. That’s our toughest challenge year in and year out. Hopefully, this year is a step in the right direction and we’re situated to maybe take advantage of this young core.”

    How is this for a young core? In just pitchers, on Opening Day: Josh Beckett (27) Daisuke (27) Jon Lester (24) Clay Buchholz (23) Curt Schilling (41) Tim Wakefield (41)–for an average age of 30.5 years old…

    Make sure your TiVo is recording 60 minutes on Sunday night if you cannot watch it live–This is when Mercenary Roger will be interviewed by Mike Wallace (who happens to be a friend of Fatboy Roger–how impartial) and the “truth” will be revealed…Yeah right…

    Here’s something neat: Myth Busters did a show on baseball myths, and Roger had a guest appearance on the show, highlighting some pitching stuff–why don’t they do a show on what the affects of steroids and HGH are on the human body? Do they really give a significant advantage to those who take them?

    It’s Arbitration Time! Continuing until January 15th, the Sox have 3 players arbitration eligible: Youk, Kyle Snyder and Javier Lopez…This is the 1st time for Youk and Javier…Kyle was paid $535K last year, Youk, $424,500 (amazing, isn’t it??)

    The Hot Stove Cool Music weekend is coming up: The concert, featuring Theo and The Commissioner, Peter Gammons, will be held on Sunday night at Fenway Park, and a Roundtable discussion will be held from 1-3pm on Saturday at Fenway’s State Street Pavilion. Tickets for the roundtable are $100.00. All proceed for the weekend go to “A Foundation to be Named Later”

    2 Responses to “December 2, 2008:
    The 2nd Day of the 2008 Season…”

    1. EthanMichaels says:

      That’s 43 days too long in my opinion! I’m really excited that the Sox will start the season on March 25th next year as that’s earlier than I can ever remember.

      Not so excited about those 5 am game times though : (

      Then less than a week later they play in Oakland with 10 pm game times! That’s ridiculous. Oh well, I won’t mind too much when the Red Sox are playing.

      Ethan Michaels

    2. Christine E. says:

      HI Ethan:

      I’m with you 43 days IS too long–and I hate middle of the night games with a passion, so it’s not great for me to open a regular season with them (and do not even get me started about the 5:00am games…LOL(

      Thanks for your comments!

      Go Sox!

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