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  • Archive for December, 2007

    December 21, 2007:
    Gabe…to Milwaukee???

    My heart is broken… Gabe Kapler IS returning to baseball for the 2008 campaign, after retiring and managing Single A Greenville in 2007–but he is not coming back to the Sox–he has signed a 1 year, $800K contract with the freakin Milwaukee Brewers. RSN will get to see him tho, when the Brewers come to […]

    December 20, 2007:
    Throwing Roger Under the Bus…

    This should be a new Olympic sport. And Curt Schilling has served the 1st volley, basically saying in his blog that if Roger cannot get himself cleared of the steroid accusations, he should give up the 4 Cy Young awards he won while allegedly being in the drugs: “So as a fan my thought is […]

    December 19, 2007:
    More of the Same…

    4 for 7: So, we have Josh Beckett for Starting Pitcher, Jonathan Papelbon as Closer, Clay Buchholz for the 2007 Single-Game Performance of the Year and now Hideki Okajima wins the Setup Man of the Year Award. With a 2.22 ERA in 66 appearances during the 2007 campaign, Oki pitched 69 innings, giving up only […]

    December 18, 2007:
    Ho Hum…

    With 8 weeks (this Thursday) until Pitchers and Catchers, and 10 weeks (also this Thursday)until the 1st exhibition game, and with baseball closing down this Friday until after the 1st of the year, there in, unfortunately, very little to talk about. Hopefully, I will be getting a TON of cool Red Sox stuff for Christmas, […]

    December 17, 2007:
    Random Stuff…

    You would think that less than a week after a major shakeup in major League baseball, that there would still be more stuff to talk about….but another slow news day–4 days after the Mitchell Report! An honorable Yankee? Say it isn’t so! But it’s true. Andy Pettitte actually did the right thing over the weekend, […]

    December 14, 2007:

    About 2 hours before the Mitchell Report came out, I saw “The List” that was circulating–and my heart sank. It had names on it like Jason Varitek, Trot Nixon, Skeezy Bastard…and Nomar…Fortunately, when the report came out at 2:00pm, none of their names appeared in the document…although 2 recent Sox players did appear: Brendan Donnelly […]

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