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  • December 26th, 2007

    December 26, 2007:
    Red Sox Presents!

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:41 am in Holiday,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (5)

    Whoo Hoo!

    One of the best things about Christmas is its the opportunity to acquire more Red Sox swag to add to the collection–and while I did not get the Mike Lowell Jersey (I may get that with Christmas money…hopefully there will be a day after Christmas sale) I did get three really cool Red Sox gifts!

    Big Papi Ornament

    From my niece, Amanda, daughter of one of the biggest Skankee fans that I know, I got the David Ortiz at the ballpark, limited edition Christmas ornament from Hallmark (she works there) How cool is this? And it looks quite a bit like him as well…This is what he looks like, hanging on our tree, fairly close to the baseball ornament that my mom got me last year–Thanks Manda!

    WatchThen, from my mom, a cool Red Sox watch–unfortunately, its PINK…but I figure I will get a black band for it, and it will temper the pink a little…even all pink, it looks pretty cool…Thanks Mom!

    PictureFinally, from my husband, who is always guaranteed to get me something excellent, and very thoughtful. The image of ‘Tek and Paps after the Sox won the World Series this year.  Thanks honey!

    All in all, I did very well, Red Sox-wise for Christmas 2007…

    On the Red Sox site, there was a Q & A with Jacoby Ellsbury–a true fluff piece. Holy Buckets was this bad…Instead of asking him relevant questions like: what the HELL were you thinking, signing up with that piece of crap, Scott Boras? He got asked such scintillating questions as: “What are your best memories of Christmas growing up?” and “Are you an online shopper or are you one of those guys who will actually go the store and buy presents?” or “Do you make New Year’s resolutions?” Are you KIDDING me? What”s next? His favorite color? That he likes to talk long walks on the beach? Is this an interview for one of those teen magazines?

    49 days–or 7 weeks..ohhhh boy…

    5 Responses to “December 26, 2007:
    Red Sox Presents!”

    1. Ted D says:

      Hi Christine,

      I hope your Christmas was great. We got 2 of the Ortiz ornaments, one for each boy. I’m envious of the picture!

      I hate those teen magazine type interviews that MLB puts out. I’m with you, where was the Boras question?

    2. EthanMichaels says:

      Very nice! I tried to cut back on the Red Sox memorabilia this year as I already have so much. That’s a great picture though!

      As for me, I just picked up the SI commemorative 2007 World Series edition. I have it hung right above my bed. It’s great some great pictures in it.

      Ethan Michaels

    3. Christine E. says:

      Thanks for your comments gentlemen–hope you both had a super holiday!

      Ted: Hope your family is quickly recovering from the plague, and that you are still healthy (relativelty speaking..LOL)

      Ethan: Thanks for the tip on the SI WS edition, I will have to check that out…

      7 weeks to pitchers and catchers!

    4. Peter N says:

      Hello to you! I haven’t commented here in a long time, but I wanted to wish you and yours a happy and HEALTHY 2008. Be well! Peter

    5. Ted D says:

      Christine, so far so good. It was WILD here for about 4 days! I had a great Christmas and I hope you did as well.

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