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  • December 24th, 2007

    December 24, 2007:
    Twas the Morning Before Christmas…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:29 am in Baseball,Holiday,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Time to do some hopping around the bases as we begin the count down to the old chubby guy in the red furry suit…

    More Red Sox books will be coming out over the winter and spring, chronicling the trial and tribulations of the World Series Champions. One I really want to read is the one that Mike Lowell wrote, which talks about the 2007 season, being the MVP of the World Series and his contract negotiations (He was planning on accepting the Sox offer 7 days before he did, but wanted to see what he was offered, which ended up be alot more than he accepted to play for the Sox…) Should be a great book, he is well spoken, witty, and very smart…The still untilled book will be out in May, 2008.

    Other books include the Johnny Pesky’s Book, “Diary of a Red Sox Season” which has gotten excellent reviews and is currently in stores. Others on tap: “Dynasty: The Inside Story of How the Red Sox Became a Baseball Powerhouse,” by Tony Massarotti; “100 Things Red Sox Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die,” Nick Cafardo; and “Interviews From Red Sox Nation,” by David Laurila.

    Heck, I already GOT my Christmas present–another World Series Championship, another year of peace and quiet from the insufferable Skankee fans that surround me here in NE Pennsylvania…Although Johnny Pesky’s book would not be unwelcome…

    Jason Varitek hasn’t even BEGUN the 4th and final year of his contract, and already the press is starting about his impending free agency… Despite the fact that Satan is his agent, I really do think he will end his career as a member of the Boston Red Sox…he is the Captain of the team, not to mention one of the best catchers in the game–yes, his bat is slowing down, but no one calls a game like ‘Tek does…

    Here is one we don’t even really think about: Manny Ramirez–can you believe he hasn’t asked for the trade in almost a year? At this time last year he was selling his multi-million dollar apartment, a threatening to boycott Spring Training if the Sox did not trade him–well, obviously, they did not trade him, and now all of a sudden he LOVES it in Boston and wants to retire there, and get hi, name on the board of retired numbers… Go figure. But what everyone forgets is that at the end of the 2008 campaign, there is a club option for two years–at $20 million per. Will the Sox activate one? Both? None?

    So Roger is still with the denials, posting stuff on his website, and on YouTube and will be doing an interview on “60 Minutes” which will air after on January 6th…

    Some Highlights from Mercenary Roger: “I faced this last year when the L.A. Times reported that I used steroids. I said it was not true then, and now the whole world knows it’s not true, now that that’s come out…After Christmas, I’m going to sit down with Mike Wallace of `60 Minutes,’ and I’ll do an interview, and he’ll ask me a ton of questions on this subject, and I’ll answer them right there in front of him, and we’ll do all of this again…”

    Dustin Pedroia, who played the last 2 months of the season with a broken hamate bone, got his cast off last month and has resume his workouts, and now has upgrades to got hitting and upper body weight work…From the munchkin: “I’m doing great…I’m a little stiff but it’s not going to be a problem. I started doing everything this week and I really didn’t feel like I missed that much…”I hate the off season…I’m excited for spring training, just being around the guys. I can’t wait for things to get going.”

    I’m with you Dustin, lets get some baseball going…

    One Response to “December 24, 2007:
    Twas the Morning Before Christmas…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Merry Christmas, Christine.

      I’m with you: I think Tek finishes his career as a Sox.

      Thanks for the update on the Lowell book: May is my birthday, so I think I’ve got my gift lined up.

      And I’d love to read Mr. Pesky’s book.

      I hope all is well.

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