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  • December 11th, 2007

    December 11, 2007:
    More Miscellany…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:40 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    It doesn’t seem that being the World Series Champion helps any when it comes to sloooooow news days–there are still a TON of them. I mean, how many times can we all talk about whether or not Johan Santana will come to the Sox (it is being said that the odds of that are decreasing every day…) or how crappy it is that Jacoby Ellsbury seems to have gone over to the dark side…

    And, unfortunately, today is one of those very quiet news days…and with 9 more weeks and 2 days until pitchers and catchers, let’s hope we’ve got enough to keep us going…

    Complete and utter randomness:

    Should the Sox resign Doug Mirabelli, and pay him far more than he is worth, to catch Tim Wakefield (which he does–very well) and hit 9th every 5 days (That part, not so much) or look to a cheaper option–like Kevin Cash, who did just fine last year when Doug Mirabelli was injured…

    Hardware Alert: Done completely by fan voting at MLB.com, Josh Beckett was awarded the Starts Pitcher of the year Award, give out by This Year In Baseball…Other awards being handed out over the next 9 weekdays–The parenthesis are mine…

    Today: Closer (Papelbon?)

    Dec 12: Manager (Tito? Eric Wedge?)

    Dec 13: Top Performance (Mike Lowell? Josh Beckett?)

    Dec 14: Rookie (Dustin Pedroia)

    Dec 17: Hitter (Big Papi?)

    Dec 18: Setup Man (Okajima)

    Dec 19: Defensive Player (Kevin Youkilis)

    Dec 20: Blooper/Play (Coco Crisp catch in Game 4 of WS/Jacoby’s catch in Game 7 of the ALCS)

    Dec 21: Moment/Postseason Moment (Red Sox win the World Series, natch…)

    Looks like Brendan Donnelly may be signing with the Sox for at least a 1 year deal, despite the fact he had season ending Tommy John Surgery in August, and will not be ready until at least the end of July. Until his surgery, Donnelly has a record of 2-1 with a 3.05 ERA in 27 appearances…

    Another ticket record for the Sox last weekend, when 234,033 tickets were sold for the 2008 campaign…

    One Response to “December 11, 2007:
    More Miscellany…”

    1. Ted D says:

      I hope Mirabelli comes back just for the “Dougies Going Deep Tonight” shouts.

      And the fans got it right: Beckett deserved the Cy Young, so I’m glad to see him getting some love now.

      And Donnelly coming back makes me happy: Between him and Beckett, the chance for a classic post game F bomb just went up two fold. 😉

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