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  • December 4th, 2007

    December 4, 2007:
    Waiting…and Waiting…and Waiting…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:42 pm in Random Thoughts,Red Sox,Signings and Trades No Comments

    Unless the Skanks totally wimp out and withdraw their deadline of midnight last night (which is completely like–just like they did the whole A-fraud thing) it looks like Johan Santana will not be playing for the NY Yankees next year–HA HA…

    And rumor has it that the Sox and the Twins were exchanging medical info on players after the midnight deadline to deal with the Skanks has passed…but there is still no word, and the Sox are even downplaying the medical info exchange and “due diligence”…

    And no matter what anyone says, Theo Epstein is the KING of double speak: “…We certainly have an obligation to explore any potential opportunity that might make us better. That doesn’t mean we’re abandoning our core or abandoning our philosophy on how we’re going to sustain success year in and year out. We see it as our job to explore every possible way to get better in the future.” uh….what did he just say?

    Will hardware ever stop? Let’s hope not. On Monday, Baseball America named Terry Francona ML Manager of the Year for 2007. From Tito: “You know what? I’m really honored…But when the manager gets an award, I think it’s a reflection of ownership getting some awesome players — providing us with the means to get some awesome players, a front office that does a great job, coaches that work about 18 hours a day, and fabulous players. When that happens, a manager gets rewarded. But I’m honored though.” Tito’s record with the Sox: 8-0 in the World Series (a record); Overall postseason: 22-9, and in 3 out of his 4 seasons with the team, the Sox have won 95 or more games…

    And while I think that Mercenary Roger will (hopefully) be retiring after a pretty crappy season with the Skanks last year, looks like his heterosexual life partner, Andy Pettitte will be returning to the Skanks for a 1 year contract

    So the fashion police are at it again: remember the whole brouhaha during the Skankee game last August, where the fashion cop interrupted Tito in the MIDDLE OF A GAME to see if he was wearing his jersey under his ubiquitous pullover? Well, it has been announced that, starting in the 2008 campaign, all managers and on-field personnel can only wear ” uniform tops and/or jackets in the dugout” Punishment for not complying? $1,000 for 1st offense, $5,000 for the 2nd offense, and a 1-game for the 3rd offense… This is CRAP–Who the &$(*&*($#*(& CARES?????? Its not like he’s wearing a pullover from Bob’s hoagie shop–it’s a Red Sox Jersey…LAME-O

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