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  • November 19th, 2007

    November 19, 2007:
    No word on Mike Lowell…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:55 pm in Random Thoughts,Red Sox,Signings and Trades Comment (1)

    Random Thoughts as we await a decision from Mike:

    So apparently, the Skanks have decided not to offer Mike Lowell the opportunity to play 1st base for them, opting to go with Shelly Duncan and Jason Giambi instead–while I am glad Mike will not be going THERE, and watching Giambi (who make Lugo look like an ace defender) flounder out there is always entertaining, they are NUTS….dummies..HA HA…

    So we wait to see if Mike will accept the 3 year deal–but, apparently, he feels he can get a 4 year deal on the open market–but no one is saying they are in the running for him at the point–but he cannot leave the Sox out there forever–if he is not coming back–the Sox need to know that so they can make other arrangements–The Winter Meetings begin December 3rd–I think this will have to be resolved by then…

    David Ortiz is expected to make a complete recovery from him recent arthroscopic surgery, and is feeling TONS better than he was before the surgery: “I’m doing good…My knee is recovering pretty fast. The second day I was sore, but that is normal. I’ve been getting my therapy in and everything is going well, and I’m getting my strength back…It’s going to take a couple more weeks to be a full strength but it’s coming along pretty good…” Generally considered to have an “off” year in 2007, Big Papi hit 35 homers, had 117 RBI’s and batted .332…

    There is alot of talk about probably the hottest free agent (less A-Fraud) on the market this year, and that is Miguel Cabrera of the Marlins. Cited as one of the best pure right handed hitter in baseball, and definitely in the NL, I have only seen him play a couple of times, and I am not impress–he’s seriously overweight, and I have heard he is pretty immature–we already have a man-child–and he works his tail off–don’t need one who doesn’t…plus the fact that it would take Clay Bucholtz, Jacoby Ellsbury and another prospect to get him–are you freaking KIDDING me???

    Channeling Mercenary Roger? Former teammate David Wells, who was all set to retire last year, has indicated that he would like to pitch again. While he would rather stay in the National League, he would return to the Skanks, if they asked him…

    So, has Scott Boras the badass Era ended? A-Fraud would still be a man without a country if he did not reach out on his own to the Skanks, Kenny Rogers fired Boras as him manager last week, Daisuke told him to get the deal done last year, rather than return to Japan… Another interesting thought–if he didn’t really do his job, should he get the full 20%???

    And what about Mariano Rivera? The Skanks have offered him a record breaking 3-year $45 million contract–and he said NO–he wants a 4th year, cause he’s MAD they didn’t offer him a contract extension at the beginning of the 2007 campaign–they made him play the whole season before making an offer…

    One Response to “November 19, 2007:
    No word on Mike Lowell…”

    1. Ted D says:

      It’s a done deal, Christine!

      Mikey Doubles is BACK!

      Christmas came early this year!

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