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  • November 16th, 2007

    November 16, 2007:
    The 2008 Campaign–and Other Random Thoughts…

    Posted by Christine E. at 1:40 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox,Signings and Trades Comment (1)

    How bout BARRY BONDS??? Is he finally going to get what he deserves? As you know, he was indicted yesterday on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice–becasue he told a federal grand jury he did not knowingly use performance-enhancing drugs. Bonds could serve up to 30 years in prison if he is convicted. But you know what? I bet he will never see the inside of a cell–they’ll give him 300 hours of community service, and 2 years probation. Or, the jury may pull an OJ and acquit (big sports star and all…) Bonds is slated to be in court on December 7.

    So A-Fraud blinked–he KNEW no one in their right minds would ever give him the ridiculous money he was asking for–which is why he is re-signing with the Skanks for a proposed 10-year $275 million contract. Piece of advice for the Steinbrenner boys? Make sure there is no opt out clause…

    And how pathetic is THAT? He opted out of his contract, and then less than a week later goes back to the Skanks all doe eyed and earnest, saying how happy and secure he feels with the Skanks…and how much he wants to stay with NY…And the Skanks are just as pathetic–what happened to “if he opts out, we wont take a run at him” Yeah, OK–they are all MADE for each other…

    I was hoping he would go far away to California so the Sox would not have to play him 18 times a year…But at least he will not be signing with the Red Sox, so all of THAT nonsense can stop…Whew!

    Apparently, there aren’t as many suitors for Mike Lowell as everyone was lead to believe. The Cardinals, Braves and Angels have all backed off, stating they are not in the mix…So the only teams right now are the Skanks (4 years, 52 million) and the Sox (3 years, 36 million) But the caveat for all the extra money from the Skanks? He would need to leave the hot corner and play 1st base…and unfortunately, Mike Lowell has said in the past he wouldn’t have a problem making the move to first and was not against joining the Yankees, who had drafted him in 1995…

    To me, 25 million, or 36 million or 182 million, it’s all the same–far more money that I will even make in my lifetime–So I guess I really don’t understand what the problem is: You stay with the Sox, you play the position you were born to, in a park that is uniquely suited to your hitting style, and where you are completely and utterly adored, where you were the freakin World Series MVP…or you go to the Skanks, who haven’t won a WS in 7, haven’t GOTTEN to a WS in 4, are a bunch of prima donna, aging head cases…and you are forever hated by the fans who once adored you…

    No! Mike! Dont! Do! It!

    A decision may be made as soon as this weekend–so we wait, and hope…

    The Sox released the schedule for the 2008 Campaign a couple of days ago…Here it is:

    2008 Schedule

    The sucky things I can see about this schedule:

    Why why WHY do the Sox have to play the Skanks for the final 3 games of the year? At least they are at home, and hopefully the games will mean nothing by then, but the ulcers on my ulcer’s ulcers cannot take much more of this….Some good news on that front, the Sox are Skank-less in May AND June, but play them 5 times in April, SEVEN times in July, and three times each in August and September…

    Have the Sox always played Seattle NINE times? And is it really necessary that SIX of them are THERE–in the middle of the night?

    And of the 17 off days the Sox get over the season, the Sox have 13 of them on Thursday and 4 on Monday–I’d much rather have off-days on Monday

    And becasue of the Thursday off day, the All-Star break for the Sox is FOUR days–good for players, not so good for the fans…

    And can anyone tell me why the Sox need to play Milwaukee AND Cincinnati? YUK…

    And not only are there sucky things, but the Sox have decided to raise ticket prices on the already most expensive tickets in baseball: While it figures out to be about 9% average, here is the breakdown:

    Field Box Seats: 19%

    Lower Bleachers: 13%

    Loge Box Seats: 5.9%

    Right Fields and RF Roof box Seats: 11.1%

    I guess we should all be grateful that the prices are not going up on:

    Upper Bleachers ($12.00)

    Standing Room Only ($20.00)

    Conigliaro’s Corner (dumb name and tribute to a great man) ($25.00)

    Pavilion Standing Room Only ($25.00)

    Pavilion Box Seats ($90.00)

    One Response to “November 16, 2007:
    The 2008 Campaign–and Other Random Thoughts…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, I think it’s pretty comical Arod had to slink back to the Yankees, tail between his legs. On Lowell, I still say he stays. If he looks at his Fenway numbers vs his road numbers, they are decidedly pro Fenway.

      While the Brewers and the Reds aren’t the most glamorous teams, they do have a bunch of young players like Fielder, Weeks, Dunn, and Hamilton that will be fun to watch play.

      But yeah, those west coast games make for some late viewing, thats for sure.

      Have a great weekend,


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