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  • November 14th, 2007

    November 14, 2007:
    Beckett gets 2nd Place in Cy Young Balloting…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:29 pm in Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    In yet another decision that surprised no one, and despite the fact that Josh Beckett was the only 20 game winner since 2005, CC Sabathia won the AL Cy Young Award yesterday, with Josh Beckett in 2nd place. Unfortunately, postseason work does not count for any of these post season awards; (ROY, MVP, etc) only regular season work is considered. Sabathia got 19 out of the 28 1st place votes, and had a total of 119 points. Beckett had 8 of the 28 1st place votes, and a total of 86 points. John Lackey got the only 1st place vote remaining….

    With Tim Wakefield’s option being activated recent, and the scarce backup catchers market, looks like Doug Mirabelli will be back for an 8th season with the Sox next year–he is currently a free agent. It’s apparent that the starting catchers are scarce as well–why else would the Skanks give Jorge Posada a 4 year $52.4 million contract? By the time that contract is up, he will be 40 years old–and its already apparent that while his bat was great this year, his catching skills have been declining for years…but then again, that is what the Skanks do–sign aging, over-the-hill players to ridiculous contracts…

    While the Sox and Mike Lowell’s camp is still talking, it’s not looking good…apparently, they are really locked into wanting a 4 year deal. The current Sox deal is 3 years…

    Note to Theo: Sign…Lowell…NOW…Please…

    But let’s talk a moment about where Mike could end up, if not with the Sox: The Skanks will definitely take a run at him–but would he really DO that? Could he possibly? I know the Skanks are the ones that signed him back in 95, and he played for them in 1998–but could he really go and play for them? Would he do that to the Sox fans that ADORE him? We all knew Johnny Damon was (and still is) a Skeezy Bastard, but Mike is an honorable, stand up guy–isn’t he???

    Looks like the Sox are going to Tokyo: After months and months of back and forth, with the Sox players not really wanting to go, the Sox will open the 2008 campaign against Oakland on March 25th and 26th. They will also play exhibition games against Japanese teams on Match 23rd and 24th. All games will be played at the Tokyo Dome…

    Today: The Manager of the Year Award winner will be announced, with the front runners being Eric Wedge of the Indians and Mike Scioscia of the Angels. Tito looks to be in the mix, as does Joe Torre…The announcement is at 2:00pm

    One Response to “November 14, 2007:
    Beckett gets 2nd Place in Cy Young Balloting…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Hi Christine,

      What blew my mind was Beckett wasn’t even close. I wonder if his surliness cost him?

      The Lowell deal is looking up: I’m sure you’ve heard by now he’s talking to the Yankees, sans Boras. They sign him, it gives Boston a little more urgency.

      I DO NOT like this Japan thing, and I wonder how many of the 25 will go? I bet Manny stays home, as well as any starter not pitching, as well as some other players, even though they count.

      Wedge deserved Manager of the Year, but Tito was 4th? Come on.

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