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  • November 13th, 2007

    November 13, 2007:
    Some Good News and Some Bad News…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:45 pm in Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    In one of the biggest non-surprises of the year, Dustin Pedroia was awarded the Rookie of the Year Award yesterday. Garnering 24 (out of the possible 28) 1st place votes, his score of 132 was more than double that of the 2nd place finisher, Tampa Bay’s Delmon Young… From the Munchkin himself: “I’m not too big on personal accomplishments; I just want to help my team win…There have been some great players to get this award, and it’s definitely been such a fun and exciting year for me and my teammates. I’m so happy for the people that have stuck with me through this whole thing. You know — Terry Francona, Theo, everybody in the front office. That first month was definitely tough on me. But I bounced through it, and it’s definitely a huge accomplishment.” The last member of the Red Sox to win ROY? Nomar Garciaparra…

    And for the bad news: As of midnight last night, the Sox and Mike Lowell did not have a deal in place, which means that they has lost the exclusive right to negotiate a contract with Mike–and he is now a free agent…and can negotiate and sign with anyone. The deal that was on the table was 3 years/$35-45 million. But Mike’s agents feel they can get him a 4th year guaranteed…

    I have been reading things around about how the offer to Mike Lowell is a lowball offer–and that its “disrespectful” and “an insult” Are you kidding me? Mike Lowell made $9 million dollars last year–and the Sox were offering between $11.6 and $15 million a year. And the only indication of why the sides are not in agreement at this point is because of the 4th year. This isn’t the same as the Johnny Damon deal (which ended up working out to benefit the Sox…) Why are people trying to drum up crap? And furthermore, if someone wants to insult me by offering me that type of money for 3 years time–insult away!

    No more Son of Zed: Kevin Youkilis is shaving hit goatee off today–like when Johnny Damon shaved his beard–Gillette will shave his goatee at 5:00pm tonight at the Cask ‘n Flagon-and for that privilege, they will donate $5,000 to Youk’s Foundation: Kevin Youkilis Hits for Kids, which supports and recognizes groups trying to better the health and well-being of children. . . .

    Coming up today: The AL Cy Young: Josh Beckett vs CC Sabathia…Ironically, CC Sabathia will probably win, as the he threw many more innings (241) and games (34) than Beckett (200.2 and 30) –despite the fact that it was throwing so many innings which probably led to his ineffectiveness in the postseason…

    One Response to “November 13, 2007:
    Some Good News and Some Bad News…”

    1. Ted D says:


      I think it’s great Dustin won ROY: and big ups to Tito for sticking with him after April. I think the Lowell deal gets done: let Mikey test the waters. I feel he’ll give Boston every chance to match or come close to his best offer.

      Youk shaving his beard for charity is great: however, that squirrel on his chin BETTER be back in ST. It won a WS and a Gold Glove.

      And no: I’m not superstitious at all. 😉

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