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  • November 5th, 2007

    November 5, 2007:
    Let the General Manager’s Meetings Begin!

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:43 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Orlando, FL, is the site of the annual GM meetings, which begin today, and run through Thursday the 8th…

    Theo has mentioned that the priority right now is to try and sign Curt Schilling and Mike Lowell, and that talks have already begun in that direction, although no deals with either player are even close to being anything significant.

    And in totally and utterly REVOLTING news–Apparent A-Fraud is telling “friends” that he would like to play for the Sox. Hello? Ewww. 1st of all, I did not know that creep HAD any friends, plus the fact, does he really think it would be any better in Boston, than it was in NYC? We all know that A-Rod is desperate for approval–and that is more important than even his team winning–remember when he 1st came to Fenway as a Skankee, and he did horribly? One got the vibe that he was truly surprised at the animosity from Red Sox Nation, and that he thought if he could put up monster numbers, the Sox fans would like him, despite the fact that he was playing for the Skanks…

    He’s a liar, he’s a cheat, and he is a big freaking baby–which one of those qualities is a good fit to the Sox? NONE….

    In a truly classy gesture, Curt and Shonda Schilling indicated this weekend that even if their association with the Boston Red Sox ends this off-season, their humanitarian work with the area will not: “…I think it would send the absolute opposite message of the one we’re trying to send…If we were only involved in this because we’re here, I don’t think it would send the personal message we’ve always tried to send, which is that we care about these people. These people are growing up with our friends and around our kids and in our communities, and Shonda and I have had the incredible gift to make a difference.” The Schillings have raised $2.5 million for local and regional ALS chapters in their time in Boston…

    Big Papi’s surgery on his right need is scheduled for tomorrow–6 weeks is the estimated recovery time for this type of procedure.

    I just hear that Keith Foulke filed for free agency over the weekend–Keith Foulke? I thought he was retiring when he bailed from Cleveland in Spring Training this year? What the heck??

    So the Tigers have traded for Edgar Renteria from the Braves, in exchange for some top prospects–hopefully he will do better for the Tigers than he did for the Sox…

    As of the end of last week, 133 players have filed for free agency–Mike Lowell not among them yet. The players have until November 13th to do so…

    Anyone looking for a Christmas present? For $79.00 unframed (or $179 framed) you can present your favorite Red Sox fan with their very own Thomas Kinkade limited edition watercolor print of Fenway Park, featuring a scene from the 2007 World Series….

    One Response to “November 5, 2007:
    Let the General Manager’s Meetings Begin!”

    1. Ted D says:


      SIGN MIKE LOWELL. And if Schill wants back, him to.

      And who knew Slappy had friends?

      Hope you are well.

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