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  • Archive for October, 2007

    Red Sox 4 Angels 0
    Now, is that Pitching, or What???

    Unfortunately, I was unable to see all of Josh Beckett’s complete game masterpiece, where he held the Angels scoreless over 9 innings of 4 hit (all singles) ball, while walking 0 and striking out 8, throwing 108 pitches (with a staggering 83 for strikes). But the parts I did see, Holy Buckets! 24 1st pitch […]

    Kicking off the Post Season:
    Let the Games Begin!

    I knew there would be some kind of shock when the postseason roster was announced–there always is–but NEVER in a million years did I think it would be that Tim Wakefield’s back is all boogered up, and to rest him, he is being left off the ALDS roster…I though his back issues has pretty much […]

    The Day before the Post-Season…
    Or, the 2nd Off Day for the Sox…

    Holy Buckets! Have I ever mentioned I hate off days? I don’t know what I am going to do once the winter gets here–let’s hope there is baseball for the Sox until the end of the month. 11 wins–that’s all it takes… Well, the NL is now done playing and the way it shakes out […]

    The End of the 2007 Regular Season: A Recap

    While the season was a bit more stressful that I personally would have liked, you cannot argue with the end result: 2007 AL East Division Champions/Bets Record in the American League. Whoo Hoo! However, despite this, my concerns are the same as they have been all year. Yes, the Sox have some of the best […]

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