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  • October 23rd, 2007

    October 23, 2007:
    1 Day to the Red Sox World Series…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:37 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Fenway SocksSTILL am having trouble wrapping my brain about the Sox being in the World Series–I start grinning like a freak every time I see the Sox Logo next to the Rockies Logo on the World Series pages of all of the Sports website…. Yeah!!!

    Wicked Random Thoughts:

    How ironic is it that there are fewer off days (2) in the World Series, than there are in the ALCS? (3)And did you hear that the powers that be are looking at extending the World Series to NINE games? I love baseball, but enough is enough! As it is the World Series is scheduled through the 1st of November…What happened to the postseason being OCTOBER baseball?

    So, a Sox/Rockies Fall Classic was #2 on my list of desirable outcomes (Sox/Cubs was #1)I just hope they fare better than they did in June, when the scores for the 3 games were 2-1 (Sox won) 7-1 and 12-2 (Sox lost) So basically the Rockies outscored the Sox 20-5 in that series–and Josh Beckett, in a match up identical to Game 1 of the World Series, opposed by Jeff Francis, was handed his 1st loss of the 2007 campaign…

    How the HECK is Tito going to get everyone in the lineup in Colorado? The short answer is: He’s not…Because of the stupid no DH in the NL parks rule, someone will have to sit, while someone plays 1st and 3rd–but how can you not have Big Papi in the lineup? ..or Kevin Youkilis, who is on fire right now, or Mike Lowell, who is probably one of the most consistent hitters the Sox have…This SUCKS…

    But I guess it’s a good problem to have, because the alternative is the Sox home play golf–sort of like how the Skanks have been for the last two weeks… HA HA

    I was talking to a Yankee Fan Acquaintance the other day and she says to me, “Oh yeah, congratulations on your Little Red Sox” Not too bitter, are we?

    I hear Joe Girardi finished interviewing for the vacant managers’ position for the Skanks. I think he is revolting–him and his little militant haircut, sitting in the broadcasters’ booth and bashed Johnny Damon’s long hair when he was with the Sox–and then he went to the Marlin’s as their manager and required them to have that short hair/no facial hair nonsense just like the Skanks…Ewww….

    One more off-day to go–YUK–then the World Series Begins! Yahoo! With the Red Sox in it! Wednesday night, at the Fens, Josh Beckett goes for 2007 postseason win #4, throwing the 1st pitch at 8:35pm. Jeff Francis gets the nod for the Rockies…

    My Prediction: The Sox in 6…

    One Response to “October 23, 2007:
    1 Day to the Red Sox World Series…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, no Wakefield in the World Series: looks like Jon Lester is the game 4 starter. Not sure how I feel about that, plus they left Tavarez off the post season roster for Gagne: why?

      Girardi is a little militant with his hair cut and facial hair stuff: ’cause you KNOW you can’t play good baseball with beards, goatees, and dreadlocks… wait a minute, yeah you can! Idiot.

      24 hours from now Game 1 will be underway: I can’t wait.

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