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  • October 18th, 2007

    October 18, 2007:
    Is today the final day of Red Sox baseball for 2007?

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:32 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Could this really be it? A team that held the division lead for the majority of the year, finished with the best record in the AL (Tied with, ironically enough, Cleveland), swept the Angels in the ALDS–will be the team that cannot win more than 1 game in the ALCS?

    I know there are so many people out there that are saying “In 2004, they came back from being on the brink (0-3) and won 8 games in a row.” Yes, I know all that–and they have a very good chance of winning tonight, as Red Sox Ace (and the only Sox pitcher that seems to be able to navigate the 5th inning) Josh Beckett will be on the mound. And all this year, I was always shocked when he lost, or struggled, as he just seemed so locked in for most of the season….

    I will be the 1st to admit that in 2004, I went to bed before game 4 was over, as I was heart broken and I did not want to see the Skanks celebrating their win over the Sox. And when I woke up the next morning, and checked my cell phone (I have all the Sox scores sent to my phone) I saw that they had dodged a bullet to miss being swept–and then game after game they won, it was incredible–and incredibly scary…I was terrified that they had sucked me in AGAIN, only to break my heart–fortunately, that did not happen–we all know what happened that year…:-D

    But it just doesn’t FEEL the same this year..and you know what? I hope I am completely and utterly wrong….

    Dismal Stats for a Thursday:

    Last 3 games: 8.00 ERA from the pitching staff, and hitting .176 with runners in scoring position. Oh, and they have been outscored 24-11–and have lost all 3 games…

    1st 4 games of the postseason: 1.75 ERA from the pitching staff, and hitting .306 with runners in scoring position–and won all 4 games…

    Have you seen that guy who sits in the top row of the left-field bleachers, with that huge-ass DRUM? He sits during the games banging on the damn thing–I just cannot believe that Jacob’s Field allows him to bring that thing into the park–he could smuggle in all kinds of stuff into that…Weirdness…

    Speaking of Weirdness..MANNY decided to talk with the press yesterday: “We’re just going to go have fun and play the game. That’s it. If we go play hard and the thing doesn’t come like it’s supposed to come, we’ll move on. If it doesn’t happen, good. We’ll come next year and try to do it again.”

    So the Sox have an optional workout yesterday (Cleveland’s was mandatory..hmmm) and the 3 position players that did not show up? David Ortiz, Coco Crisp and Julio Lugo. Big Papi I can understand, as his knee is bothering him and he has been holding his own in this series. But apparently, Coco (hitting .188 (3 for 16) and Sir Julio the Useless (hitting .143 (2 for 14) didn’t feel they could benefit from some batting practice…way to have a good work ethic…

    Maybe they should follow the example of their Captain, who participated in yesterday’s workout: “Just practice, keep the blood flow going. Me personally, I’m better when my body stays active. Just go out, take some BP, do some things to gear us up and get ready to play tomorrow.”

    Tonight: Josh Beckett vs CC Sabathia, at the Jake, Game 5. 8:21pm…Let’s do this…

    One Response to “October 18, 2007:
    Is today the final day of Red Sox baseball for 2007?”

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