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  • October 16th, 2007

    Rockies 6, Arizona 4:
    The Rockies sweep and are going to the WS!

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:44 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    And a month ago, today? The Rockies were in 4th place in the NL West, 6.5 games out of 1st, and behind a ton of teams vying for the Wildcard. And since then? 20 wins out of 21 games played, including the last 10 in a row. This team is ON FIRE. How can you not root for this team??? Now they begin an 8 game mini vacation, as they wait for the Indians and the Sox to beat up on each other (or Cleveland beat up on the Sox…) to see who will advance to the World Series, which begins a week tomorrow…

    Oh, yeah, and the Sox lost again to the Tribe, 4-2…

    CRAP! The Sox really NEEDED Daisuke to come up big for them in this game, but once again, he throws too many pitches (101) in far too few innings (4 2/3 innings) and on a night when his counterpart kept the Sox offense quiet, he gave up 4 runs on 6 hits (including a 2-run shot to Kenny Lofton), while walking 2 and striking out 6.

    To be fair, it’s really not that horrible of a line (except for the 101 pitches in less than 5 innings–that’s pretty awful)–but once again, the “bats are quiet when anyone not named Josh Beckett pitches” syndrome struck again…

    While I was at rehearsal, I kept checking the Box Score of the game-and EVERY out the Red Sox had seemed to be “ground out, ground out, ground out” and I guess it was, as Jake Westbrook got the Sox to ground into 15 outs–including THREE double plays…The worst pitcher on their team, (going 7-9 during the 2007 campaign) and the Sox could get nothing done. Only thing that kept them from a shutout was Jason Varitek’s 2-run homer in the 7th inning…

    And what the HELL kind of freak thing was that???: In the 4th inning, Big Papi, on his way to 3rd base on a single by Manny gets HIT BY THE SINGLE BY MANNY, which, in baseball rules, calls him out, and the shortstop (Jhonny Peralta–DUMB way to spell his name…) gets the credit for the out…W…T…F???

    So now, the Sox are down 2-1 as they play their 4th game tonight, with Tim Wakefield on the mound. Unfortunately, he has not been the brilliant pitcher he was in the beginning of the regular season since his back/shoulder/etc/etc failed him down the stretch–so anything can happen. My concern is that the Sox are resting too much on the fact that in 2004 they were down 0-3 and came back to beat the Skanks to advance. This is NOT the team of 2004–and they are not playing a flawed Skankee team who believed their own hype.

    Do I still think the Sox can get it done? Absolutely… But it’s also a very real possibility that Red Sox baseball will be over this week…And if Tito was thinking about using Daisuke again in game 6 or 7–I think he needs to re-think that…

    Is there anything more terrifying to a Red Sox Fan than “Tito has faith in “X”, despite his struggles”??? Didn’t think so…And while it worked sometimes (Mark Bellhorn in 2004, Dustin Pedroia in 2007) when do you say enough is enough? Would it really hurt anything if Tito gave one of the guys who were struggling a day off? Maybe JD Drew–whose resurgence lasted all of a game and a half? Throw Jacoby Ellsbury in there for a game–could it really hurt? But nooooooooooo: from Tito: “No. This is our lineup. Again, Kielty will play against [Sabathia] because it’s something that makes us better.” I think that putting Jacoby Ellsbury in the line-up over JD Drew makes the Sox better…

    And the preliminary schedule for the 2008 campaign for the Sox has them opening their 1st home stand on April 8th against the Tigers–and closing the season with 3 games against the Skanks at the Fens on Sept 26-28…CRAP…But the 2008 WILL open on my birthday next year–unless MLB makes them go to Japan to play 2 games–which is a very dumb idea–look what it did to the guys in the WBC last year–it’l take them a month to recover… If they play in Japan, the Sox season will open a week earlier…

    Tonight: Tim Wakefield takes the mound against Cleveland’s Paul Byrd in Game 4 of the ALCS. 1st pitch, 8:21pm. And with Wake, it could either be a no-hitter or an 8-run 2nd inning…

    Go Sox!

    2 Responses to “Rockies 6, Arizona 4:
    The Rockies sweep and are going to the WS!”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, the only positive thing I can take out of the Rockies sweeping so early is look what happened to Detroit last year: a week to rest between the ALCS and the World Series and the Cardinals decimated them. And I still believe it’ll be the Sox playing them. We even it up tonight, Beckett wins game 5, and we only have to win one of two at Fenway.

      Man, I hope that plays out.

      Hope you are well,


    2. Christine E. says:

      Hey Ted:

      I cannot even tell you how much I hope your predictions play out.:-)

      While losing to Cleveland wont hurt as bad as it would if it was the Skanks–it’s still going to sting–IF it happens…

      Lets hope Wake gets it done like he has so many times before–and if he doesn’t, save some Tequila and Maalox for me…OK? LOL

      Hope you are well!

      Go Sox!

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