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  • October 15th, 2007

    Red Sox 10, Cleveland 3,
    Red Sox 6, Cleveland 13:
    And everyone is freaking out…WHY???

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:48 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    OK, for those of you who are getting ready to stand in line at the Tobin Bridge, let’s take a minute…

    If you had to choose ONE man to be beat by, would it not be Trot Nixon? While the optimum choice would be to never be beaten by a former Red Sox, did you really think he would whiff on purpose? Would you not expect Trot to play for his new team with all the gritty determination he had in Boston? And lets face it, being beat by him is a million and fifteen times better than being beat by, oh, say, Johnny Damon…

    And while I would like nothing more than to lay the blame for this loss solely on the lap of Eric Gagne, I think there is more than enough blame to go around to include Javier Lopez–who allowed Trot, et all to score–and then added a few more for good measure…

    That being said, Eric Gagne has not has not been an asset since he got on the roster–in the 2 1/3 innings he has pitcher, he has given up four hits and three runs. THIS is really the pitcher the Sox thought was more of an asset than Julian Tavarez??? Truly??

    And did anyone truly believe that the Indians were just going to lay down and let the Sox sweep them? This is a team that fights as hard as the Sox do–and the general consensus is the Sox in 6 or 7–so Cleveland is bound to win a few…

    C’mon, the series is tied 1-1, and it’s a whole new series, beginning tonight…Let Saturday nights game go….

    And I am SO glad that Tito is trying to quiet the nonsense that started before Josh Beckett finished his game on Friday night–he will NOT be brought back on short rest–and Tim Wakefield will get the start tomorrow: “I think what we’re trying to do is set up our rotation so we can win a series…I think sometimes you can get shortsighted if the need for panic arises, or like perceived panic. If you lose a couple of games, everybody wants you to immediately change what you’ve set up…think it gives us the best chance to win a series. Doing something like that may give you a chance to win a game, it may not, but it doesn’t set up the rest of the series.”

    While I am not super thrilled at the possibility of a Game 7 with Daisuke on the mound with the series on the line, Tito is right–we won with this rotation-we have to trust them to get it done…

    Speaking of getting it done–will the Rockies ever lose again? They beat Arizona AGAIN last night 4-1 to make it 3-0 in their series. Now, no one knows better thanRSN how being down 0-3 is not a death sentence–but in this case, I think it probably is–this team is ON FIRE–and whomever makes it out of the ALCS is going to have their hands full…

    Classic line of the week: When asked about what he proposes to do if there is bugs at the Jake this week: “You know what, it’s kind of like rain. You handle it. If it rains, you handle it. If it snows, you handle it. If it’s cold, you handle it. I guess if there’s bugs, you get bug spray.”

    Tonight: Game 3 Daisuke vs Jake Westbrook at The Jake. 1st pitch 7:10pm…and now is the time that Daisuke needs to step up—No more apologies, no more excuses; THIS is what the FO paid him the $103.1 million for… Get it done!

    Go Sox!

    One Response to “Red Sox 10, Cleveland 3,
    Red Sox 6, Cleveland 13:
    And everyone is freaking out…WHY???”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, well, so far tonight it’s a mixed bag. Daisuke has pitched fairly well except for the gopher ball to Lofton. Still a lot of time left.

      And I’m with you: Cleveland didn’t get where they are on luck alone. Good team, and it was a little bittersweet for me to see Trot do the damage first Sat. night.

      We’ve had our shot against Westbrook, and I think we’ll get it again.

      Hope you are well.


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