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  • October 10th, 2007

    October 10, 2007:
    Random Red Thoughts…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:17 am in Baseball,Product Reviews,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (3)

    1/2 way through the imposed days off known as waiting for the next part of the Post Season to begin. But at least we have October baseball starting in 2 days–not like the Skanks, who won’t see meaningful baseball for…oh…about 6 months….

    Have I mentioned how much this pleases me? I think the neatest part about possibly winning a World Series is that the Skanks will have absolutely nothing to do with it…The Sox don’t have to go through THEM, or hear how they “LET the Sox win in 2004” (Yes, I actually heard that from a Yankee fan one day) And maybe now they will put away those ridiculous “got rings?” T-Shirts, since it’s been SEVEN years since they won a World Series….

    And what about the press CAMPING OUT in front of Joe Torre’s house, waiting to see if he would be fired over this. The Skanks had to threaten to restrict access at the Stadium for them to leave his house. If I were Joe Torre, I would tell Steinbrenner to pound sand. Hasn’t George humiliated him enough over the years?

    Got an e-mail from fellow blogger Ian from Sox and Dawgs  yesterday. He was offered this excellent opportunity, to work with Clay Buchholz on his blog, Red Sox Nations goes Buchwild, and will be asking him a question as part of a video interview on Clay’s blog…So Ian has offered this rare opportunity to Red Sox Nation. You can stop by Ian’s blog here  and leave a question for Clay Buchholz. The moderator will then take all the questions submitted and use the best ones in the upcoming interview. Always had a burning question you wanted to ask a player? This is your chance!

    By now everyone has heard that Curt Schilling will get the 2nd start on Saturday night at Fenway Park, which should have been the lineup in the 1st series. In any event, let’s hope we get the Daisuke we had the last time he pitched at the Jake, in July 24th when he threw 7 shutout innings, giving up only 4 hits…From Tito: “You know what? I don’t think it’s that much of rocket science…We just decided to go in this order. If we’re going to be successful, our guys are going to pitch twice anyway. The order of it isn’t going to make a difference or be the determining factor in this series. Both guys are going to pitch twice.”

    Looks like there will be 11 pitchers this time, as the Sox figure to add Tim Wakefield if he is ready. At this point he is still on track to be added to the roster. If for some reason he cannot go, Batsh*t Julian or Kyle Snyder will probably get the nod. Kevin Cash is the most likely candidate to be sacrificed to the roster gods….

    Stupid Dan did an article today where he listed 33 reasons why it’s better to play Cleveland than the Skanks–and they…are…LAME…For example:

    “You just get a good feeling when there’s a guy named Grady involved in the ALCS” Are you freaking KIDDING me? That is not even remotely amusing….I would often get a “Let me get a shotgun and blow my TV off the entertainment center” feeling when Grady Little was with the Sox…and we don’t even need to mention 2003…

    Of the 33, only 8 of them are even remotely amusing, or even relevant, including my personal favorite: “You get to torture your New York friends for another whole year. Remind them that the Yankees haven’t won a World Series since 2000 and that they paid Roger Clemens $17 million to win six games, then he left the playoffs in the middle of the third inning Sunday.” Oh, and that Trot Nixon is playing for Cleveland…

    I won’t bore you with 33; here is MY top 5…

    1. Don’t have to see the Skanks and all of there STUFF (Jeter’s fist pump, Giambo’s sweatiness, Joba Rules, A-Fraud’s purple lipstick, the list is ENDLESS….)

    2. Cleveland is a GOOD team, who play good baseball, not just try to make it on Mystique, Aura, and entitlement arrogance…

    3. While it will never completely stop, Tim McCarver and Joe Buck cannot go on….and on….and on……about the classy NY Skankee and how they deserve to beat those malcontent miscreants, the Boston Red Sox…

    4. Baseball will be a joy to watch, with no potential organ failure or nervous system collapse…

    5. Did I mention there is no Yankees involvement?

    Looks like Bobby Kielty will not only be on the ALCS roster, but the utility man will probably get the start against CC Sabathia on Friday, having a very good record (.310) against the lefthander…From Bobby: “(Sabathia) is a guy I’ve had success against, and I’ve seen the ball pretty well against him. He’s definitely one of the best lefties in the game, and it’s always a battle. But I’ve seemed to win a lot of battles against him.” In contrast, JD Drew is 0-3 against Sabathia–with 3 strikeouts….

    So, yesterday was the day for Red Sox Nation E-mails: I heard from Brad, who just started a new website called YouCastr. Working on the premise that today’s sports fan is looking for more than just “Mainstream television and radio broadcasters attempt to appeal to a large, diverse audience…” (Like the constant Pro-Yankee commentary from the networks, no matter who they are playing–eg: the Fox network…) YouCastr allows anyone to sign up, and become a broadcaster… Want to broadcast and do color commentary on your son’s Little League game, or your daughter’s field hockey match? You can do it here… Sick of the Fox or ESPN coverage of your favorite team? You can actually sign up, log in, and in a few clicks, can provide real-time color commentary from your computer WHILE YOU ARE WATCHING THE GAME.

    And the fun doesn’t just end there–always wanted to have your own sports show? (Hey, if Tim McCarver can have one…) You can do it at YouCastr–weekly shows on your favorite team (or heck, DAILY, if you have that much time on your hands) and it’s not limited to baseball–if you have a favorite sports team or topic–you can broadcast it.

    Not interested in talking? You can still sign up, and listen to other people’s commentary and even message during the event! Want to listen to an event–but it was last week? YouCastr has archives of previous broadcasts, so all you have to do is search, find the broadcast you are looking for–and you are all set…

    C’mon, how many times have you thrown your hands up in the air (or turned the TV on mute) and said “I can do better than this”, or you have always wanted to be a broadcaster, but didn’t know where to start?–well, now here is your chance….Founded in June of this year, YouCastr just launched their site last week, on October 3rd, so here is your chance to get in while its brand new….

    And the BEST part? It’s FREE…So check it out!

    Coming up: Still TWO more days of Sox-less baseball, although The Rockies and the D-Backs begin their battle for the pennant tomorrow night, as the NLCS opens on TBS…

    3 Responses to “October 10, 2007:
    Random Red Thoughts…”

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    2. Ted D says:

      Christine, the thought of playoff baseball with the Sox in and the Yanks out has me smiling. No drama this year: just a championship series with 2 very good teams, who match up pretty well and who play the right way. I’m really looking forward to this series.

      Hope you are well!


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