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  • October 7th, 2007

    Red Sox 9, Angels 1:
    Goin’ to the ALCS!!!

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:50 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (4)

    Whooo Hooo!! Going to the ALCS for the 3rd time in 5 years! Yeah!!! and the 3rd team to sweep in the division series this season…

    In a weekend where we saw the Colorado Rockies sweep the Phillies (yeah!) and the D-Backs sweep the Cubs (bummer) and Cleveland move ahead to 2-0, taking the Skanks to the brink of elimination, The Red Sox finished the Angels (with a sweep no less!) and with Curt Schilling pitching yet another gem in postseason play…

    Curt’s line for the day…100 pitches (76 for strikes), giving up 6 hits, 0 runs, while walking 1 and striking out 4…

    And how about the fact that the back to back homers by Big Papi and Many were the FIRST this year?? Holy Buckets! How many did they have last year? 5?

    But of course, the shutout was wrecked by Eric Gagne, who just cannot seem to ever have a clean inning. Can’t we PLEASE leave him off the remainder of the postseason roster????

    All that is left is for the Indians to finish the Skankees, thereby having an ALCS we all can be happy with–one without the NY Skankees..

    Although a Skankee-less ALCS would not please George Steinbrenner in the least. Although he has been very silent for quite some time, he was quoted as saying today: “”His (Joe Torre) job is on the line…I think we’re paying him a lot of money. He’s the highest-paid manager in baseball, so I don’t think we’d take him back if we don’t win this series.”

    And ya know what I say to that? “I understand George Steinbrenner must be embarrassed, frustrated, and disappointed by the failure of his team, the NY Yankees… It is understandable, but wrong that he would try to deflect the accountability for his mistakes on to others…It is time to get on with life and forget the sour grapes.” Remember that, George??HA HA

    So now we wait until Friday for the ALCS to begin–what the HELL are we going to do with FOUR days off??? Yuk!

    Coming up: FRIDAY, Probably Josh Beckett…against who knows? Game time, TBA…

    And in the meantime: And HOW EXCELLENT would it be for a sweep to come off Mercenary Roger??? Its already 1-0, Cleveland in the 1st–andthey made Fatboy Roger throw 27 pitches…Go Tribe!

    4 Responses to “Red Sox 9, Angels 1:
    Goin’ to the ALCS!!!”

    1. Kaylee says:


      I needed that today not feeling that great 🙂

      but now i am for a moment:P


    2. Christine E. says:

      Hey Kaylee!

      Sorry to hear you’re not feeling great..but glad that the Sox win helped the cause…:-)

      Feel Better!

    3. Kaylee says:

      Thanks I have been resting alot this yankees game is good so far too 😛

    4. Ted D says:

      6-2 Tribe, bottom of the 7th.

      ::crosses fingers::

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