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  • October 4th, 2007

    Red Sox 4 Angels 0
    Now, is that Pitching, or What???

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:38 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Unfortunately, I was unable to see all of Josh Beckett’s complete game masterpiece, where he held the Angels scoreless over 9 innings of 4 hit (all singles) ball, while walking 0 and striking out 8, throwing 108 pitches (with a staggering 83 for strikes). But the parts I did see, Holy Buckets! 24 1st pitch strikes–and everything working for him. From Josh: “It’s a really cool thing, to be able to go out there and be the only pitcher that pitches for your team that day. I don’t think they ever thought about taking me out.” Can we clone him and throw him out there for every game?

    Last night’s win was 7th time in a row that the Sox have beaten the Angels in postseason play, going back to 3-game sweep in 2004 and 3 games in 1986. And the last time the Angels were shut out in a postseason game? 1979, in game 4 of the ALCS vs Baltimore (yes, there was a time when Baltimore was a great team…)

    Not feeling too good about this whole Wakefield back-that is-really-his-shoulder-or-is-it-his-back? thing…While it’s not a rotator cuff issue, Tito revised his description of the injury to the back of the shoulder, rather than just the back. So they are taking things slow to prepare him for the ALCS (if the Sox get that far), but it doesn’t look too wonderful. From Tito: “He went out and made like 10 throws yesterday and didn’t feel very good…So rather than speed up and try to throw a bullpen today, he’ll go out and try to play catch. We can slow this down a little bit now and stay strong. We went through this back a ways, same type of thing, and he went and threw a bullpen, and that was a game he got hit around a little bit and didn’t feel real good. We’ll try to slow it down and get him going again.” This is the 2nd cortisone shot for this injury in the last month…

    And I am a bit disappointed that the Sox chose to go with Jon Lester, over Julian Tavarez, for Wake’s spot. While both are decent #5 pitchers, I think Julian does a little better under pressure, is more consistent and Julian does well the 1st time through a line-up. Jon Lester, when he is ON, he’s on–but he is still very inconsistent…

    In a complete NOT surprise, Jerry Remy was named President of Red Sox Nation–Duh…His 1st duty as President was to throw out last night’s pitch. While I like Jerry Remy, and let’s face it, no one does better color than him. But this whole RSN President thing is bogus. About as bogus as the fact that you have to PAY to become a member, you had to PAY to nominate someone for President, you have to PAY for the CHANCE to buy tickets…and the list goes on…I liked it better when the nation was a bunch of real Red Sox fans (not all the wanna-be bandwagoners and the like) and there was no stinkin’ “membership” BOGUS…

    Big Papi, who hit a towering 2 run shot in the 3rd inning for his 5th postseason homer–tying the club record–by Jason Varitek… Ortiz also has hit safely in 19 of the 21 postseason games he has played in his career…

    And it was good to see Colorado beat the Phillies last night 4-2, to take the 1st game of their series. The Diamondbacks took game 1 from the Cubs as well, 3-1…

    Coming up: ANOTHER off day, while Cleveland will hopefully beat the ever living crap out of the Skankees…then its Daisuke and Kelvim Escobar for Game 2 of the series. 1st pitch 8:37pm Friday night at the Fens…I know I am biased, but is there ANYWHERE better in the world to play a postseason game, but at Fenway Park???

    One Response to “Red Sox 4 Angels 0
    Now, is that Pitching, or What???”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, I’ve been in a trade show all week, so I’m sorry I missed posting. Indians won BOTH games, and now the MFY’s are down 2-0 going home. This. Is. Awesome.

      Sox are down 3-2 in the top of the 4th, but I know: we are WINNING this game.

      Hope you are well. Go Sox, Go Indians, and Go Rockies.

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