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  • October 2nd, 2007

    The Day before the Post-Season…
    Or, the 2nd Off Day for the Sox…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:29 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Holy Buckets! Have I ever mentioned I hate off days? I don’t know what I am going to do once the winter gets here–let’s hope there is baseball for the Sox until the end of the month. 11 wins–that’s all it takes…

    Well, the NL is now done playing and the way it shakes out is this:

    The Chicago Cubs take the NL Central, the Arizona Diamondbacks take the NL West and the Philadelphia Phillies (Thanks to an epic collapse by the Mets) take the NL East. And then, in a stunning win in the 13th inning of the Wild Card tie breaker last night, the Colorado Rockies beat the Padres 9-8 to win the Wild Card. While I am glad for Colorado as they embark on their 1st postseason, WOW, who-da thunk?

    So now its Colorado vs the Phillies and Arizona vs the Cubs for the NLDS:

    My predictions:

    Colorado in 5 (As much as I would like to see a Red Sox/Cubs World Series…) and…

    Arizona in 4

    Colorado to the WS–I just think they have a TON of momentum…

    Remember, back in 2003, when everyone said the best WS match up would have been the Sox/Cubs, and then we ended up with the worst with the  Skanksand the Marlins? Only thing good about that series was: 

    1. The Marlins beat the Skanks

    2. The world was introduced to a very young Marlins picther who dominated the Skanks and went on to be the MVP of the World Series–you might remember him–Josh Beckett…

    This year’s best match up would be (of course) any team vs the Sox, but in order of best to worst:

    Sox vs Cubs (Would be WAY cool–although not as cool as it would have been in 2003…)

    Sox vs Colorado

    Sox vs Arizona

    Sox vs Phillies (THAT would be painful–’cause I freakin’ HATE the Phillies…UGH)

    Cleveland vs Cubs (2 teams with longest WS Drought!)

    Cleveland vs Colorado

    Cleveland vs Arizona

    Anaheim vs Cubs

    Anaheim vs Colorado

    Skanks vs Cubs (this is the WS version of the Sox vs the Skanks…)

    Anaheim vs Arizona (probably very boring–West Coast WS)

    Cleveland vs Phillies

    Anaheim vs Phillies

    Skanks vs Arizona (2001 rematch!)

    And the Absolute Worst WS match up would be: The Skanks vs the Phillies…would not watch a minute of it…YUK!

    So the Sox have decided to go with the following rotation for the ALDS: Beckett, Daisuke, and Schilling. OK…if you think so…I guess it will all depend on which Daisuke we get that day, and if the offense plans to hit that game….One bonus: The Angels have yet to face Daisuke…From pitching coach John Farrell: “I think that Dice-K’s last performance here, closing out the regular season, was a main contributor to that…And he has not faced the Angels to date. So we feel like somewhat of the unknown may be in the favor of the pitcher at this point.”

    More Hardware for Big Papi (AL Player of the month for September) and Jacoby Ellsbury (Rookie of the Month) Their stats: Big Papi hit .396 with 9 homers and 27 RBI’s in the month (26 games) and Ellsbury hit .361 with 3 homers and 17 RBIS in the month (23 games)

    You didn’t think Manny would actually STAY in the #2 spot in the lineup? Tito confirmed that Manny will return to his normal 4th spot in the order for tomorrow nights’ game…

    Tomorrow night: Josh Beckett takes the mound at the Fens to kick off the best of 5 series against Anaheim’s Ace, John Lackey. 1st pitch: 6:37pm.

    One Response to “The Day before the Post-Season…
    Or, the 2nd Off Day for the Sox…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, at first I was ticked about not starting Schilling in game 2. Then I realized Daisuke pitching at home is better for him than on the road, he’s never faced the Angels so far, and if we need a closer in game 3, who better than Schill to complete the sweep?

      I’m hoping for the Sox/Cubs but not too confident we’ll get it. And I’m with you: off days suck. The past 2 days have given me a painful reminder of what winter is like:

      Let’s just be thankful that World Series win will help us cope, right? 🙂

      Hope all is well,


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