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  • Archive for October, 2007

    October 31, 2007:
    The Day After the Duck Parade…

    So, the Sox decided not to put the duck boats on the water, probably because someone opted to bean Pedro Martinez during the 2004 celebration– then, what was the point of duck boats? Couldn’t they have just gotten flatbeds and did what regular parades do? Or are the duck boats going to be a Red […]

    Red Sox 4, Rockies 3:
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,
    The World Champion Boston Red Sox…

    Well, that was boring… The Rockies, who had some much momentum going into this series, couldn’t get ANYTHING done–hell, the only starter that even got out of the 5th inning was Aaron Hill–and this was the best the NL had? Did the 8 day layoff really booger them up that much? Throughout this whole series, […]

    Red Sox 2, Colorado 1:
    A Totally Different Kind of Win….

    But a win nonetheless… I admit it–I got choked up watching Curt Schilling walk off the mound after 5 1/3 innings of 1 run ball–this could be the last time he is seen in a Red Sox uniform–and that sucks…. But last night was all about him, being wily enough to confuse the ever living […]

    Red Sox 13, Rockies 1:
    Off to a Great Start…

    Wow…now THIS was a fun game to watch–if you were a Red Sox fan… It had Dustin “The Midget” Pedroia making World Series history as the 1st rookie (and 2nd player) in history to lead off the World Series with a homer… It has the Sox continuing there stellar offense that has seen the Sox […]

    October 24, 2007:
    World Series Game 1…Tonight!

    I am heartbroken… Tim Wakefield, the quintessential team player, the man who epitomizes the “Name on the front is more important than the name on the back” and one of my favorite players ever–is not on the World Series Roster due to his shoulder woes. Jon Lester will get his start in Game 4–and Kyle […]

    October 23, 2007:
    1 Day to the Red Sox World Series…

    STILL am having trouble wrapping my brain about the Sox being in the World Series–I start grinning like a freak every time I see the Sox Logo next to the Rockies Logo on the World Series pages of all of the Sports website…. Yeah!!! Wicked Random Thoughts: How ironic is it that there are fewer […]

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