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  • September 23rd, 2007

    Red Sox 8, Tampa Bay 6:
    We’re goin’ to the Playoffs!

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:25 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Well, I have to say that the last two victories have done wonders for my psyche (not to mention my blood pressure). A 2.5 game lead (and a Magic # of 6!) definitely feels better than 1.5/9!

    And while the Skanks won last night, (thereby denying a 3.5/5) it took them NINE pitchers to finish out their 10 inning game against Toronto–Add to that the 14 inning loss of Friday night where they used another 8 pitchers…Keep up the good work Torre, wear out your pitching staff before the playoffs….

    Daisuke did pretty well last night, going 6 2/3, giving up 5 runs on 6 hits while walking 3 and striking out 7…too bad Javier Lopez let two of Daisuke’s runners, as well as one of his own score,when he gave up a 3-run homer to former Red Sox Carlos Pena in the 7th.

    This was a 2-homer game for Carlos Pena, who has been ON FIRE this season for Tampa Bay, and is 2nd in homers in the AL after A-fraud–I am so glad he is doing well, I always thought he was a classy guy when he was with the Sox…

    Youk is doing better, especially since the MRI on his wrist indicated swelling in he joints, rather than any type of bone damage… Hopefully he will be back this week…

    No such hopefulness for Manny who said it still hurts when he runs..I have a solution to that–Just hit homers–then you won’t have to run…

    So the San Fran Giants are finally growing a brain: The announced this weekend that they have decided NOT to sign Barry Bonds in 2008! Unfortunately, it seems that he still wants to play, so he will probably go to some AL team to be a DH–I just hope its not the Skanks!

    Today: Closing out the season series with Tampa Bay (which the Sox lead 12-5), as well as playing the last away game of the 2007 Campaign, Tim Wakefield takes the mound for the Sox, hoping to turn the tides on his awful pitching the last few starts… Edwin Jackson gets the start for Tampa Bay. 1st pitch 1:40pm

    One Response to “Red Sox 8, Tampa Bay 6:
    We’re goin’ to the Playoffs!”

    1. Ted D says:

      We’re IN!! And even though we are losing 4-0 right now, it still isn’t going to take away my happiness at the fact my team is in the playoffs.

      Now, Tito can set the rotation where Beckett can go twice in a 5 game series and get everybody ready and healthy for the post season. Hopefully, that includes Manny.


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