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  • September 21st, 2007

    An Off Day:
    The Sox can’t lose if they don’t play!

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:33 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (4)

    How about this for very neat and a TOTAL surprise? Gabe Kapler wants to play again! He announced through a written statement yesterday: “Managing was incredible for me this year… “I learned so much about baseball, about the young men I had an opportunity to lead, and about myself. Ultimately, the experience reawakened the competitor in me. I miss the battle. I still need to be on the field as a player.” I think the Sox need to re-sign him…PRONTO…..Think he’s available NOW?

    Lots of articles everywhere about how the Sox are crawling into the postseason, hurt and tired, and need to turn it around–in 9 games…with a Manny Ramirez who may never get better, a Kevin Youkilis who still can’t swing the bat (Thanks so much for that, Chien Ming Wang) and Coco Crisp who has neck pain and back pain and hip pain…and Okajima who basically has a dead (or at least comatose) arm right now, and they are desperately trying to rebuild him up–can you even DO that in a week?

    But even if we look beyond the injuries, the Sox got problems: Let’s start with the most obvious: J…D…Drew…what is he hitting now? .260? The homer on Wednesday notwithstanding, he has SUCKED this year–at the risk of sounding like a broken record (shocking, I know) the Sox paid $17 million for THIS??? and How bout Sir Julio the Useless? The party line when the Sox signed him is that they decided to go with offense at the position, rather than defense. So let’s look at the numbers:

    Julio vs A-Gon

    So, basically what you are telling me is that if we compare what A-Gon gave the Sox last year, to what Julio Lugo gave us this year, and even tho A-Gon played fewer games, he hit more triples (1) Homers (2), Had a higher batting average, OBP, SLG, and OPS? And let’s not forget that A-Gon, has TWELVE less errors, 3 MORE double plays, and has a higher Fielding %, Range and Zone Rating. And the piece de’ resistance? Julio Lugo is getting paid $4.75 MILLION more a year….


    And with ‘Tek in a major slump, Paplebon throwing BP, Big Papi’s knee hurting him, blah blah, blah…the list is endless…

    Tonight: Josh goes for win #20 and will hopefully right this quickly sinking ship (He is 10-3 in his starts after a loss…) Scott Kasmir will take the mound for the Satan Fish. No less than a sweep will do this weekend…1st pitch 7:10pm

    4 Responses to “An Off Day:
    The Sox can’t lose if they don’t play!”

    1. Ted D says:

      Man, I hope they win tonight: I’m worried about your blood pressure! Beckett vs Kazmir is a great matchup: Beckett is better though, and we start a run of 9 straight wins tonight. I hope.


    2. Christine E. says:

      Hi Ted:

      Oh, I have been medicated for high BP for about 6 years now…LOL Actually, its lower than it ever been…

      Heres’s to 9 game winning streak!

      Go Sox!

    3. Ted D says:

      Are you liking tonight any better? 3-1 and Beckett is gutting his way through. AND the MFY’s are losing 4-0: told you it’d get better. 😉

    4. Kaylee says:

      I WANT ANOTHER WIN TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      It will make me feel better i think 😉

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