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  • September 18th, 2007

    Red Sox 1, Toronto 6:
    I am THOROUGHLY disgusted

    Posted by Christine E. at 2:20 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    I did not even want to write this morning–really don’t want to write anything now…but there will come a time in the dead of winter when I will be jones-ing for Red Sox news, so I should blog while the blogging is good (even if my team is BAD…)

    About the only good thing I can say about baseball last night was that Cleveland won (Dad is a Cleveland Indians fan) and Wake pitched 6 innings, giving up the 4 runs on 7 hits (including the 2 homers to Frank Thomas) while walking 2 and striking out 2. The only real problems he had last night were with “The Big Hurt”. Other than that, he was mowing them down…and all we will say about Kyle’s oh-so-sucky 8th inning is: NO MARSHMALLOWS FOR YOU KYLE!

    But, as usual, Red Sox pitching isn’t the problem (unless you count last Friday night) it was, once again LACK OF ANY TIMELY HITTING WHATSOEVER…Mike Lowell is a God–and he is responsible for the only run the Sox managed to scrape up last night…because you would have thought that Doc Halladay was on the mound, other than Dustin McGowan–and I am going to say it–who the &*(#@&*(#@*& is Dustin McGowan??? He is the fella who shut the Sox down to 1 run and 5 hits over the whole 9 innings he pitched…

    3.5 games: Oh CRAP…

    And then Tito announces that is it up to Manny to clear himself to play, that the Team will not make that decision–freaking wonderful–I guess we’ll see him about APRIL huh?

    And YOUK is all bollocks up, with a nasty bit of business on his wrist–Yeah, I know another player who got nailed on the wrist–a year later they were opening him up and the Sox lost Nomar for most of 2001..and he has never been the same since…

    Even watching Daisuke as a lime green teletubbie hasn’t cheered me up…

    But THIS is truly inspired: Mark Ecko, the guy who bought Barry Bond’s record breaking homer ball, has put it out to the universe on what he should do with the ball–I voted for B…

    Tonight: Jon Lester gets the nod in game 2 of this 3 game series–he is opposed by AJ Burnett–I thought he arm fell off last year? 1st pitch 7:07pm–11 games to go…

    One Response to “Red Sox 1, Toronto 6:
    I am THOROUGHLY disgusted”

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