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  • September 14th, 2007

    Tonight: Red Sox vs Skankees:
    The Final 3 games…

    Posted by Christine E. at 1:38 pm in General,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (4)

    …At least for the Regular Season, cause every day it’s looking more and more like the Skankees will be joining the Red Sox in the Postseason as the wildcard team…they have won 8 of their last 9 and its seems they will never lose a bunch again

    Fortunately, with the Sox win on Wednesday, and the Skankee loss last night, the Sox are in a better position to hold onto the lead, and creep closer to clinching….Let’s break it down:

    Magic # is 11 and the Skanks are 5.5 games behind the Sox

    If the Sox sweep: Magic number is 5 and the Skanks are 8.5 games behind the Sox–which would be SO uber cool…I cannot even stand it!

    If the Sox win 2: Magic number is 7 and the Skanks are 6.5 games behind the Sox–while not as so uber cool, but pretty neat nonetheless…

    If the Sox win 1: Magic number is 9 and the Skanks are 4.5 games behind the Sox–still, not horrible…

    If the Skanks sweep: Magic number is 11 and the Skanks are 2.5 games behind the Sox…

    The bottom line: While the Sox will not be in 2nd place in the division on Monday morning, no matter what happens, but the Sox need to get it done this weekend–which means winning AT LEAST 1, 2 would be even better, and 3, well, DUH…

    C’mon, do they really want to still have a magic # of 11, with 12 games to go?

    It would also be nice if they could clinch even a little bit early–if only to get to possibly see Matt Clement pitch one last time…

    Honestly? I don’t know if I have the strength for another Sox/Skankees ALCS–2003 broke my heart, and I almost had multiple organ failure in 2004…

    Now, there is always the possibility the Skanks would be eliminated from the postseason in the 1st round, as there is always the possibility that the Sox will be eliminated in the 1st round, so that a ALCS showdown will never happen…But it seems like if the Sox are to get to the World Series, they need to go through the Skanks…

    But one thing I have learned with regard to the World Series–the team that is meant to win–always does…

    And we thought 1,000 would be enough: Not for Mike Timlin, who despite surpassing the 1,000 game mark, has decided to pitch again next year. From Timlim: I want to pitch another year…I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I want to keep on pitching.” Timlin, who has had 43 appearances this season, currently holds 3.24 ERA–and in his last 27 games, has only been scored on twice…

    Could this be a turnaround? While 5 games is not that many, JD Drew has a .571 batting average (8 for 14) with 3 doubles, 1 homer, 7 runs and an RBI in that span. He is currently batting .270 with a .365 on-base percentage for the 2007 campaign

    Tonight: Daisuke (who hopefully has worked through all of his pitching issues and will be dominant) takes the mound for the 1st game of the final Red Sox/Skankee regular season series for the 2007 campaign. He will be opposed by Andy Pettitte.1st pitch is 7:05pm

    4 Responses to “Tonight: Red Sox vs Skankees:
    The Final 3 games…”

    1. Kaylee says:

      GOOD SEWRIES SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Lets take down roger tomorrow! how are you doing?

    2. Christine E. says:

      I agree–good series so –although they should have won last night!

      Doing well–How are you???

      I am all for taking Roger and lighting him up tomorrow!

      Go Sox!

    3. Ted D says:

      Christine, Friday stunk, but Beckett and yesterday more than made up for it. Let’s hope Schilling is up to the task tonight.

      Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    4. Kaylee says:

      I am doing great 🙂

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