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  • September 13th, 2007

    Red Sox 5, Tampa Bay 4:
    And who says 13 is not a lucky Number?

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:34 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    13 is everywhere, so for those of you who have Triskaidekaphobia (fear of the #13), take note:

    The Red Sox Magic number going into last night’s game–Now its 12…

    Last night’s walk off win was Big Papi’s 13th since he has been with the Red Sox…10 of those 13 were with homeruns

    Despite the fact that last night’s Big Papi miracle was the 1st this year(!), Doesn’t it feel like it has happened more recently that that? In one beautiful shining moment, we are transported back to any of the other Big Papi miracles over the last few years.

    Game started out with Jon Lester being beat up for 4 runs in the 1st inning–and then he settled down for two innings, but then in the 4th, it went bad again, and he left after 3 2/3 innings throwing 93 pitches, and giving up the 4 runs on 8 hits while striking out 5, and walking 4.

    But Julian Tavarez came in to end the 4th and pitched 3 brilliant innings, keeping the Rays hitless and runless, while walking 1 and striking out 1…

    Looking more and more like the Sox will have their certified Skankee killer back in the batting order for the weekend series…Manny took batting practice before the game and looked very good…From Tito: …Until he is pain-free and doesn’t have that point-tenderness, they have to keep everything he does under a controlled basis. That’s where we’re at, but he continues to increase his daily activity daily.” Manny looks to be doing more of the same rehab today as well…

    I registered for the chance to buy postseason tickets at the Sox site yesterday–yeah, me and about 40 million other people…

    93 Years: The Red Sox have not really been known as a “running” team in quite a long time, but I had no idea it was THIS long…93 years, 1914 to be exact, was the last year the Sox had 2 players with 25+ steals in a season–in 1914 it was Tris Speaker(42) and Hal Janvrin(29). This year (so far) its Coco Crisp (25) and Julio Lugo (29)

    Filling the hole that was left when Nomar moved on and took his annual Nomar Bowl with him. Josh Beckett is holding the 1st annual Beckett Bowl at Town Line Lanes in Malden, Mass…

    Happy Birthday Daisuke! Today Daisuke is 27 years old, and the Japanese contingent gave him a birthday cake to celebrate the event. Could you imagine stupid Dan buying and presenting a birthday cake to any member of the Red Sox? Nope, me either.

    Coming up: After the day off (All together now: Days…off…suck) A Do-over of the last 1st meeting between the Sox and the Skanks. Daisuke, (slumping horribly), and Andy Pettitte (just voted clutch player for the month of August) face off in the Fens. 1st pitch 7:05pm.

    One Response to “Red Sox 5, Tampa Bay 4:
    And who says 13 is not a lucky Number?”

    1. Ted D says:

      Off Days Suck! How’d I do? 😉

      Looking forward to Daiuske tomorrow night: he bounces back to form tomorrow. And good on Beckett for doing the Beckett Bowl: nice to see him embracing Boston. I hope he wears that B all the way to the Hall of Fame one day.

      Papi being Papi? Very nice to see again.

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