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  • Archive for August, 2007

    Red Sox 2, Angels 4:
    Not the best way to welcome Curt Schilling back…

    Sounding like a broken record: Curt Schilling certainly pitched well enough to get the win, going 6 2/3, throwing 83 pitches, and giving up the 4 runs on 9 hits while walking none (has never walked a batter in Anaheim–ever) and striking out 5 –too bad the offense squandered ANY chance of winning this game–from […]

    Red Sox 9, Mariners 2:
    Finally winning a series at Safeco!

    Holy Buckets! After losing 9 (yes, NINE) games at Safeco Field dating back to last year, the Sox manage to take 2 of 3 to win this series…which is a great thing for many reasons: The Skanks are winning again (last 6 out of 7), and the 10 games lead is now back to 7… […]

    Sports Betting:
    The Unusual Way to Support your Team

    The subject of sports betting came up recently and, what I know about it would probably fit on the head of a pin. Mainly, I thought it was mostly illegal, as the only exposure I’ve had to the world of gambling is the occasional Super Bowl pool, watching CSI: Las Vegas, living next door to […]

    Red Sox 7, Oreos 4:
    Happy Birthday Tim Wakefield!

    How many pitchers can say they are undefeated on their birthday? Tim Wakefield can, as he celebrated a bunch of milestones yesterday: his 41st year, his 4th win on his birthday (his 3rd in as many years, His 13th win of the season (tied for the the most wins in the AL) and his 150th […]

    Red Sox 5, Oreos 4:
    Thought this was going to end badly…

    As I was watching the game last night, and inning after inning happened where the Sox could not get things done, I was getting more and more aggravated–WHY weren’t the Sox able to score runs off this horrible crappy team?? Maybe Eric Gagne could get up and hit a homer or something… I was talking […]

    Red Sox 3, Oreos 5:
    Not what was needed…

    I know the Nation is all a twitter with the whole Eric Gagne deal–and I will concede he IS a good relief man–and at one time he was one of the best–but does he make the best bullpen in the majors BETTER? Not so much… Not when he is added to the bullpen who has […]

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