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  • August 31st, 2007

    Red Sox 0, Skankees 5:
    What the &($&*#*&# just happened here?

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:16 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    This was one crappy day from beginning to end…and it makes me cranky just thinking about it..not to mention that my feeling is that we are now at DEFCON 3 (War Games is one of my favorite movies–at least the last 30 minutes of it is…)

    Its a good think the owners of NEPABlogs discourages the use of the “F” word, cause I would probably be breaking some kind of F-Bomb record today…So forgive the crankiness of my post today–I don’t even want to talk about that game…major suckage from beginning to end…Can’t really blame Curt Schilling, he was being all wily with his pitches, fooling pretty much everyone but freakin Robison Cano…..CRAP

    His line for the day: 7 innings, giving up only 2 runs and 6 hits (both solo shots by Cano), while striking out 4 and walking 1.

    And how many runs do you think the Sox scored for the WHOLE SERIES? I am glad you asked…SIX…, How many did the Skanks have? A hell of alot more…

    Special Thanks to Mike Lowell, who saved the Sox bacon from the indignity of a no-hitter at the hands of the Skanks..can I send a fruit basket? Some flowers? I wonder if he would get flowers if I sent them in care of Fenway…hmmmmm

    The Sox were also at the mercy of a completely botched call in the 7th when Youk was called safe at 3rd (he reached base on a JETER error–HA-HA) and then the call was reverses cause Torre came out and complained that he ran out of the baseline (he did a bit) So then Tito, already PISSED about the whole uniform thing (I’ll weigh in on that later…) comes out and starts complaining, and then he gets thrown out of the game. From Tito: “I know it’s a judgment call …what kind of upset me was I thought Derryl Cousins (ump at 2nd base), it was his call and he got a good look. In his judgment, Youk was OK. So to get overturned by somebody with as not as good a view was frustrating. I do know it’s a judgment call. I just thought the guy that had the best view, they didn’t end up using his judgment.”

    Good thing he was out of the game when Joba threw at Youk’s head…..Joba, who looks JUST like this kid I know, and every time I see him, its totally freaks me out…and I love how he is doing the “aw shucks, I let my team down” tap dance….Sweetie, you have great control, all of a sudden you don’t ? Ah, huh, Yep, YOU may have just fallen off the turnip track yesterday, be we didn’t…and neither did the umps, who threw him out of the game…

    OK, back to the uniform thing. Now, I completely understand, MLB has a dress code. Fine. But what part of THIS is OK: Sending in a storm troopers to a Manager IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME, and not even when its warm-ups or in between innings, but when play is happening, and ask him if he is wearing his jersey? And when the manager, asks if this can wait, because, oh, I don’t know, he is busy…uh..MANAGING, he is told, “No” He made him show him he was wearing his shirt, dispute the fact that Francona has just before the SAME GAME showed Bob Watson, the grand Pooh-Bah of clothes (the Blackwell of Baseball, apparently..) for MLB, that he WAS wearing his jersey… And of course all of this dicsussion leads to all this personal info about Tito and his support hose–not things I need to know!

    So let me get this straight. Johnny Pesky is not allowed in the dugout, but this moron is?

    Some good news, Bobby Kielty took some swings in the batting cage yesterday and was available to pinch hit last night, so he should all set for tonight

    Tonight: Tim Wakefield takes the mound to restore order to the universe–hopefully–when the Sox return to the Fens to face the Oreos. 1st pitch is 7:05pm. Radhames Liz pitches for the cookie–who the hell is Radhames Liz????

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