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  • August 30th, 2007

    Red Sox 3, Skankees 4:
    Uh, What is this???

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:47 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (5)

    The Sox ROCKED Chicago this weekend, scoring a THOUSAND runs (ok, it was only 46, but it FELT like a thousand) and the Skanks were humiliated and annihilated by Detroit, and yet, once again, our pitchers pitched well enough to win, and the bats were sound asleep.

    You mean to tell me that 1 run off a laboring Roger Clemens is all the Sox could do? Mercenary Roger gave up FIVE walks last night, which is the most he has in a very long time, and with the exception of a wonky 3-run 2nd inning, and that crappin homer to A-Fraud (I know, that one is my fault for mentioning him and homers yesterday) Josh Beckett was not that horrible…

    His line: 6 2/3, giving up the 4 runs on 13 hits, while walking 1 and striking out 6. His lifetime regular season stats against the Skanks are 3-3 with a 7.49 ERA in seven starts…

    If the Sox win today, they will have only lost 1 game in the standings and be 7 games ahead, if they lose, it will be 3, or 5 games ahead…not quite the ideal of 11 games, now is it?

    Who had the 1st inning in the pool? 5th pitch into the 1st inning, The Mercenary hits Dustin Pedroia…Beckett did not retaliate…pity…

    And I leave for Bermuda in 2 days…am I going to come back the Skankees leading the AL? The Sox play 4 against Baltimore and 3 against Toronto (5 of them in the Fens…) while I am gone. I think it would have to be an EPIC collapse for that to happen, but if the Sox do not get it going….

    It goes without saying–that is why I am going to say it: The Mariners just got swept by the Angels, which put the Skanks tied with them for the wild cart–Am I the only one who DREADS the fact that its very possible we will meet the Skanks in the postseason???

    Just for once, why can’t the Sox be mediocre in the 1st 1/2 of the season, and then sizzling in the 2nd 1/2, rather than being amazing out of the gate, and then petering out by July or August? Do you think we could get this to happen?

    One more to 1000: Pitching a perfect 4 outs in last night’s contest, Mike Timlin is now at 999 appearances in his career. Next time he pitches he will be 13th pitcher to hit the 1000 game milestone.

    And it just gets better and better: While I dont think that Manny is the key to the castle like some people think, not having his bat in the lineup for about the next 10 days because of the left oblique strain he has be diagnosed with in not the most desirable outcome..From Tito: “I hate to ever say he’s not going to play before I need to, but I think that’s fairly realistic…certainly reserve the right to change that if he feels better, but I think that’s pretty realistic. He showed up early today…He’s not worse than he was, which is good.” Its probably not as bad as it could be, because the rosters expand on Saturday, so there is no need to put him on the DL to call up another player….

    Fortunately, Bobby Kielty fared better in his tests, he has both X-Rays and an MRI, and they have all com back clean, that its all soft tissue damage, which is treatable. He sustained the injury when he slammed into the wall 10 days ago, during his 1st start in a Red Sox uniform.

    4 words: Call…Jacoby…Ellsbury…NOW…

    I have a rebuttal for Jim Caple’s article yesterday about Red Sox Nation. First, let me say, I like and respect Jim Caple, own both of his books (even reviewed one of them). But I think he is WAY off-base (no pun intended) here: “…keep the spoiled citizens of Red Sox Nation from sneaking into the rest of the country and taking over seats in major league ballparks that should go to hard-working local fans. Everywhere the Red Sox play these days turns into a road version of Fenway Park, with Boston fans occasionally drowning out the hometown fans with their ‘Let’s Go Red Sox!’ chants.”

    OK, Jim, the Sox were in Tampa Bay last week, and their seating capacity in the dome is what? 45,200 seats? And you know what the attendance numbers were for that 3 game series? 16,843, 16,393, and 17,839. Seems like there were PLENTY of seats for hard-working local fans, they just chose not to participate…Frequently, when I watch Red Sox games on TV, there are alot of empty seats in alot of the ballparks. So why shouldn’t Red Sox fans go elsewhere to watch their team? I agree that there are ALOT of bandwagoners who like the Red Sox because they won the World Series in 2004, but your statements are offensive to the REAL fans (which you said you were at one time…)

    Today: It’s up to Curt Schilling, who opposes Chien-Ming Wang for the final game of this series. 1st pitch is 1:05, which may be the less painful option if the Sox decide to leave the bats elsewhere today. Let’s hope Curt brings his A game today…

    5 Responses to “Red Sox 3, Skankees 4:
    Uh, What is this???”

    1. Kaylee says:


    2. Christine E. says:

      Me too, kiddo, me too..:-(

      Hope you are feeling great!

      Go Sox!

    3. Kaylee says:

      UMMMM I am not feeling that great but,I will get there 🙂

    4. Ted D says:


      We got swept by the Yankees. Why am I not freaking out?

      Oh yeah: we have a 5 game lead with a month to go!

      Hope you are well,


    5. Christine E. says:

      I have NO idea why you are not freaking out, Ted….I’m not really freaking out either…okay, maybe a little..:-)

      But your right, the Sox have a bigger division lead than anyone else–and teh best record in baseball..:-)

      Sorry to hear your not feeling well Kayle–Hope you get better very soon!

      Time to win big tonight!

      Go Sox!

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