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  • August 23rd, 2007

    Red Sox 2, Tampa Bay 1:
    With runners in scoring position: 1 for 10

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:48 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Runners left on base: 14…Freaking wonderful…

    I don’t know why I thought MAYBE things would change, that the Sox would start to hit in crucial spots, that they would not let opportunities to score slip away (like the bases loaded in the 3rd, with no outs, and only 1 run scored–on a Mike Lowell sac fly). That when our starting pitcher actually pitches more than well enough to win ( 6 inning, giving up 2 runs on 4 hits, while walking 4 and striking out 8 ) the offense could actually go out and help him get the win…

    Last night, as I watched the innings go by and the score remained 1-0, I had a feeling that Tampa Bay would be able to plate a run or two..and lo an behold, they did, on a 2-run shot by BJ Upton in the 6th inning, and that was it, I knew, GAME OVER–right there in the 6th inning.

    Did you see the score for the Ranger-Oreos game yesterday? 30 (yes, THIRTY) to 3, they rangers had a 9 run and a 10 run inning, TWO grand slam, 29 hits and a couple players who has multiple homer games–and the worst part? It was part of a 2 game doubleheader, so when the 1st game ended, they started the 2nd…where the Oreos lost AGAIN–but only by 2 (9-7). That was the most runs scored in all of baseball since 1897 (yes, EIGHTEEN 97)

    Tonight: Off to the land of the Pale Hose–and dreadfully horribly commentators–Seriously, the YES morons are more palatable that the yahoos that call White Sox games. I want to throw something at the TV every time I hear “He Gone” when someone strikes out. Thankfully, I have MLB radio–be listening to the games this weekend…Josh Beckett kicks off the 4 days of awfulness, going for his 16th win.(which he should have gotten last time, if it were not for Eric Gagne and HIS debacle) John Danks will throw 1st pitch for the White Sox at 8:11pm.

    One Response to “Red Sox 2, Tampa Bay 1:
    With runners in scoring position: 1 for 10”

    1. Ted D says:

      I hate rainouts: however, tomorrow is Friday, so maybe I can convince myself it’s OK to knock off early and catch both games of the doubleheader.

      Last night was PAINFUL to watch: I wonder what it is about Daisuke that causes our bats to go dead?

      Who knows: Hope you are doing well, and that you have a great weekend, Christine.


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