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  • August 22nd, 2007

    Red Sox 8, Tampa Bay 6:
    Picked up Another Game…

    Posted by Christine E. at 1:06 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    With this win last night over Tampa Bay, and the Skankee spanking (18-9) by the Angels the magic number is now 32 and the lead in the AL East is 6…wish it was 60…

    Jon Lester was less than stellar last night, going 5 1/3 and giving up 5 runs on 4 hits (including 2 homers), while walking 4 and striking out 4–he also had a wild pitch. From Lester: “I was inconsistent once again, but luckily the bullpen picked me up and we got a win out of it, at least…I don’t know why. We’ve worked on some things and tried to figure it out. I think it’s just a matter of pitching and going out every fifth day and getting better.”

    But it was enough on a night that Andy Sonnanstine showed why he is an 2-8 pitcher, unlike last week when the Sox had their asses handed to them…

    Its not often we actually hear of the “player to be names later”–at least not so soon…Less than a week after Wily Mo was traded to the Nationals, the Sox received Chris Carter, a 1st baseman/outfielder who was hitting the cover off the ball at AAA Tucson with 18 homer, 84 RBI’s and a average of .324. He was also leading the Pacific Coast League in hits with 163. He has been assigned to Pawtucket, but I would not be surprised if we see him sometime in September…

    I’d laugh it is wasn’t so crappy: Joel Pineiro could not buy any out when he was with the Sox, going 1-1 with a pretty ucky 5.03ERA (it was actually worse than it looks…) So the Sox trade him to the Cardinals, they discover he was tipping his pitches, they stop that and NOW he is 3-0 with a 2.37 ERA,striking out in 19 innings, and walking no one…CRAP…

    And I hear that Tito is saving Gagne for tonight’s game, because Paps threw 1 1/3 last night… Yeah….Hopefully the Sox are winning by 10 runs, cause confidence is NOT high…

    Tonight: Daisuke takes the mound to try and sweep the Devil Rays to close out the 3 game series (The Sox still play them 6 more times in September…) Edwin Jackson, who has a ucky record (3-12)which means he will probably throw a no-no, takes the mound for the Satan Fish. 1st pitch is 7:05pm

    One Response to “Red Sox 8, Tampa Bay 6:
    Picked up Another Game…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Hi Christine, hope things are going well. Dave Duncan is a wizard: only thing I can figure. How else to explain Piniero this year and Jeff Weaver last year after he was traded to them?

      Good luck to WMP. I loved the guy’s personality, but he just wasn’t going to get the AB’s he needs in Boston.

      6 game lead: hopefully 7 by the morning.


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