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  • August 7th, 2007

    Red Sox 2, Angels 4:
    Not the best way to welcome Curt Schilling back…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:44 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    Sounding like a broken record: Curt Schilling certainly pitched well enough to get the win, going 6 2/3, throwing 83 pitches, and giving up the 4 runs on 9 hits while walking none (has never walked a batter in Anaheim–ever) and striking out 5 –too bad the offense squandered ANY chance of winning this game–from Manny getting ejected for calling balls and strikes to having base runners pretty much constantly–the Sox had opportunities–and time and time again last night–they blew it…

    At least the Sox did something–whether of not it will make an impact, that remains to be seen: The Sox signed Bobby Kielty to a minor league contract yesterday, one that stipulates that he has the option to void if he is not promoted to the bigs within a week. He will join Pawtucket today as they face the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Skankees…From Kielty: “As long as I’m performing well, I should get a call-up. It’s all about performance. I haven’t played in quite a while so they just want to give me some at-bats. It was just a matter of weeding out certain teams. I’m going to be very excited to put on a Red Sox uniform and play for them.” The question is, who goes when/if he gets called up? Wily Mo? someone else?

    Not surprised in the least: My dislike of Julio Lugo is pretty legendary–I think he is an abysmal shortstop who cannot seem the grasp the fundamentals (like how to STAND when you throw…) and time and time again he has failed to pony up when the Sox needed him–and I dont fully understand why Theo and Company are so high on him–at all…and this just reinforces what I believe: There is a stat called Runs Created Against the Average (RCAA), created by Sabermetric guru Lee Sinins, which basically measures how many runs any given play creates for him team, on his own by using a formula and a million and one variables. And Julio? -27 (yeah, NEGATIVE 27) and where does that fall in the AL? I am glad you asked…..DEAD…..LAST… Based on the formula, he has score 40 runs–but according to the variables, he should have scored 67…Can you even imagine how different things would be if he had scored those other 27 runs? A few extra games in the standings perhaps???

    I wonder where JD Drew is on the list–cause I am thinking he isn’t exactly in the top 10….

    Coming up: Tim Wakefield takes the mound in the middle of the night, as he hopes to join Josh Beckett et al in the 14th game winners club. 1st pitch to be thrown at 10:05pm by Anaheim starter Joe Saunders…

    2 Responses to “Red Sox 2, Angels 4:
    Not the best way to welcome Curt Schilling back…”

    1. Kaylee says:

      Thanks for the help Christine. 🙂 It was a lack of offense tat lost it.Anyways I think Keilty was a good pickup.He should get the callup in September.If not before.I dont know if you saw my comment back too you on my blog but I will be the hospital for a week.Will definately check in after that :D! Lets win tonight 😛

    2. Christine E. says:

      Your welcome Kaylee…:-)

      Yeah, it makes me crazy when the offense goes to sleep, because the team is built to do so much better..

      I got your reply–now we’ll just have to figure out how to smuggle a computer into your hospital room…;-)

      Go Sox!

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