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  • August 2nd, 2007

    Red Sox 5, Oreos 4:
    Thought this was going to end badly…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:50 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    As I was watching the game last night, and inning after inning happened where the Sox could not get things done, I was getting more and more aggravated–WHY weren’t the Sox able to score runs off this horrible crappy team?? Maybe Eric Gagne could get up and hit a homer or something…

    I was talking with my friend Paul from Boston yesterday and he summed it up better than I ever could: “This Sox team cannot manufacture runs against good pitching” His suggestion was to bring Jacoby Ellsbury back up to the bigs (As a rousing cheer comes up from the teen sect of Red Sox Nation) to shake things up and see if he can help. Only problem with that is that Jacoby is currently on the DL in Pawtucket with a strained groin, retroactive to Sunday, and isn’t eligible to come off the until about the middle of August…

    Since that is not an option, SOMETHING needs to happen…What about Bobby Kielty? He cleared waivers–He can’t possibly cost that much.

    Fortunately, Kevin Youkilis saved the day last night in the 7th inning with a 2 run double that put the Sox ahead for good–and then Wily Mo and Lugo come in with the bases loaded and 1 and 2 outs respectively to totally kill the rally…I guess if it wasn’t them, it would have been someone else…

    “A little Bengay, some coffee, some Red Bull, I’m ready to go.” or so says spot starter Julian Tavarez , replacing the traded Kason Gabbard, who fared pretty well in last night’s contest, going 5 innings, giving up 3 runs on 7 hits, while striking out 0 and walking 1. But there were no neat throws, rolls or bounces while he was on the mound, which for me, is always the reason to watch Julian pitch…and of course, the heart as big as Red Sox Nation: “I don’t have to get a ‘W’ as long as we won the game…All you can do is go out there and give your team a chance to win the game. . . . It came a little late, those runs, but better late than never.”

    More funny Ha Ha on A-Rod…Once again, dangling on the precipice that is homer 499 to 500, A-Fraud went 0-4 while the Skanks bashed the crap (again) out of the White Sox, making him in the midst of a 0-21 spiral as he chokes on the path to 500….We all know he’ll get there, but its pretty funny watching him flounder…and this is the longest no-hit streak for him..ever….HA HA…

    Didn’t feel like it: The Sox .556 winning percentage (15-12) for the month of July was the 3rd best in the league (tied with the Tigers) The Skanks were 1st and the Oreos were 2nd. Didn’t it feel like the Sox lost a whole hell of alot more games?

    Today, the Sox will salute the greatest 2nd basemen in Red Sox history, and arguably in all of baseball, when they honor 89 year old Bobby Doerr (Retired #1 on the wall of retired numbers at Fenway) on the 60th anniversary of the 1st Bobby Doerr day–August 2, 1947…The 9 time All-Star was once called “the silent captain” by teammate and good friend, Ted Williams.

    Coming up, Tim Wakefield gets the start this afternoon for the rubber match of this 3 game series with the Orioles, also finishing out this very brief home stand. 1st pitch is 1:05. Jeremy Guthrie gets the nod for the cookies…then its off to the left coast AGAIN, but for the final nightNIGHT games of the 2007 campaign…

    One Response to “Red Sox 5, Oreos 4:
    Thought this was going to end badly…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Hi Christine: I was pumped to see them come back after being behind, and today’s 7-4 win was even better: Dougie goes deep, Hinske does the same, and Gagne comes in a pitches a great ninth (that little bloop double that Cora couldn’t get to and then the dink over second nonwithstanding).

      7-3 in the last 10 games is OK by me. On June 14th, the Sox were up by 6 1/2 games: on August 2, they have a 8 game lead.

      Hope you are well,

      GO SOX!


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