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  • Archive for August, 2007

    Red Sox 0, Skankees 5:
    What the &($&*#*&# just happened here?

    This was one crappy day from beginning to end…and it makes me cranky just thinking about it..not to mention that my feeling is that we are now at DEFCON 3 (War Games is one of my favorite movies–at least the last 30 minutes of it is…) Its a good think the owners of NEPABlogs discourages […]

    Red Sox 3, Skankees 4:
    Uh, What is this???

    The Sox ROCKED Chicago this weekend, scoring a THOUSAND runs (ok, it was only 46, but it FELT like a thousand) and the Skanks were humiliated and annihilated by Detroit, and yet, once again, our pitchers pitched well enough to win, and the bats were sound asleep. You mean to tell me that 1 run […]

    Red Sox 3, Skankees 5:
    What a CRAPPY way to start a series…

    I KNOW the Skankee win last night means very little in the grand scheme of things…There has been many (far TOO many) years the Sox have been at this point (7-8 games behind at the end of August) and we knew it was all over, that there was no way the Sox were going to […]

    Tonight: Red Sox vs Yankees Game 1:
    Can it get any better than this??

    The Sox need to keep up the pressure, and ride the momentum of their 4 game, never-less-than- 10-runs-per-game streak…They need to step on Skankee throat and completely finish them going into September…it would be nice to be able to play without pressure for the month–and I will not fret when I go to Bermuda for […]

    Red Sox 11, White Sox 1:
    And the sweep is complete!

    When the Sox went into Chicago, they had a 5 game lead in the division–By the end of the weekend, the lead had swelled to 7.5, and could be 8 by the end of today, provided the Skanks lose again to Detroit, if not, it’s 7 games–what a most excellent way to begin a 3 […]

    Blog Promotion:
    Getting your name out there…

    As the writer of a baseball blog about the Boston Red Sox, I join the ranks of literally THOUSANDS of bloggers who also write about the Sox. There is every permutation of Red Sox Blog: Red Sox vs.Yankees, Girls that write about the Sox, People who drink heavily who write about the Sox, People who […]

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