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  • Archive for July, 2007

    Red Sox 6, Tigers 5:
    Crappy way to begin the All-Star Break…

    …with a sweep… This is what has concerned me for some time now–the Sox have been able to beat up the crappy teams (as well they should–there is a a reason why they are the crappy teams) when when it comes to the teams that have winning records–not so much. I will concede that the […]

    Red Sox 15, Tampa Bay 4:
    The BEST Kind of Games…

    I love these kind of games—but only when the Sox are on the receiving end…On night that a lot less than 21 hits and 15 run (and 10 walks!) were needed (Josh Beckett was on the mound, after all) the Sox bats went crazy and produced a might fine offensive display…6 runs in the 1st […]

    Red Sox 7, Tampa Bay 5:
    On the Right Track…

    Hopefully… It was a vintage Tim Wakefield game: He can be pitching brilliantly, and you wander away from the TV for 19 seconds and you come back and the bases are loaded and the bullpen is coming in…Unfortunately, Javier Lopez decided to pull a Mike Timlin, allowing 4 runs to score, so the cushy 7-1 […]

    Sports Betting:
    The Unusual Way to Support your Team

    The subject of sports betting came up recently and, what I know about it would probably fit on the head of a pin. Mainly, I thought it was mostly illegal, as the only exposure I’ve had to the world of gambling is the occasional Super Bowl pool, watching CSI: Las Vegas, living next door to […]

    Red Sox 7, Rangers 3:
    As Many Runs in this game….

    As in the last THREE games….How crappy is that? But I am just relieved that the Sox got a split of the 4 game series–and do not see the Rangers for the rest of the year–literally… Kason Gabbard did much better this time, giving up 3 runs and 3 hits to the Rangers over 5 […]

    Red Sox 1, Rangers 2:
    Far too many little black dots…

    …on my calendar…out of 27 games in June, the Sox have a losing record 14-13..far cry from the better records of the 1st 2 months of the year (April : 16-10 and May: 19-8) I guess we could say the Sox are officially swooning? Only thing that is saving their bacon right now is the […]

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