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  • July 31st, 2007

    July 31, 2007: Trade Deadline:
    Will anything interesting happen by 4:00pm?

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:48 am in Baseball,Red Sox Comment (1)

    TRULY random thoughts…

    Last year, nothing really happened for the Sox–will they do something this year that will impact the team as much as the moves made during the 2004 Campaign. I remember how shocked I was to hear that Nomar was traded, and how angry I was at Theo for trading away the face of the franchise, and my most beloved player. When I thought about it, I understood why he did it–and hey, you cannot argue with the results…

    Jermaine Dye is reportedly being talked about as a potential deal between the Red Sox…and the White Sox… Wily Mo is apparently part of the deal, which would probably be a 3 month rental, as Dye is eligible to be a free agent at the end of this season…BUT, he is versatile, behind able to play any outfield position, and 1st base….

    Have I ever mentioned how much I hate off-days??

    The Sox are looking at Eric Gagne to be an 8th inning set-up man fro Papelbon. Have NO idea why–isn’t that what Okajima is for? And while I believe he used to be a brilliant closer when he was with the Dodger, I don’t think he has it anymore…and the fact that he just expected a team in the off-season to pay a minimum of $4 million for his services, sight unseen, is rather distasteful, Yes, I know Satan is his agent, but how long can these players say its the agents fault? They work for THEM, last time I checked….

    Doing what no other active player has done before–no, not be an idiot…The 15th time Manny Ramirez has won an AL Player of the week award. Manny was awarded this award on Monday for his work in the previous week. His stats for the 7-day span: 393 with four doubles, three homers and 10 RBIs. Can I just say what perfect timing it is that Manny is locked in when the Sox are in desperate need of a big bat? From Tito: “I think he just looks to be swinging with more aggression, with less effort…he’s getting that bat head through the zone, sometimes pretty ferociously. But he’s not muscling, which is a big key to hitting.” And maybe I should not say this, but it’s been a while since he whined about being traded, or did anything truly stupid…..

    Now, if Big Papi can get the clutch thing going…

    This is nothing to do with baseball but…Finished the 7th Harry Potter Book this weekend…Holy Buckets! Sad as hell, but she did an excellent job of tying up all the storylines–it was a fitting ending to a marvelous series–and if you have not read it–do it now!

    Despite screwing the pooch this weekend, the collective ERA of the bullpen is still the lowest in all of baseball with a 2.74 average…

    Coming up tonight: Josh Beckett returns home to the Fens to go for win #14, and to kick off the 3-game series vs the Oreos. 1st pitch is 7:05pm. Eric Bedard takes the mound for the cookies…

    One Response to “July 31, 2007: Trade Deadline:
    Will anything interesting happen by 4:00pm?”

    1. Ted D says:

      Hi Christine: well, we got Gagne, and I like the deal. Hate to see Gabbard go, but with the innings OKJ has already thrown, there was some worry I guess that he would wear down these last 2 months. Gagne can help there as well as when we need a closer on back to back nights: Tito has been very cautious about using him too much.

      Would have liked to see Dye for Pena, but I’m very glad they didn’t trade MDC like they wanted. Basically, we replaced Piniero with Gagne, which is an upgrade for sure.

      Thank the Lord: baseball is BACK tonight!

      Hope you are doing good,


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