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  • July 27th, 2007

    Red Sox 14, Cleveland 9:
    Another 3 out of 4…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:41 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    And the most ironic thing is the only game we lost was a brilliant complete 1-0 game that was pitched by…Josh Beckett…weirdness…

    Speaking of weirdness, this was one…strange…game…Kason Gabbard has a 9-1 lead, and it looked like he was going to lose it–They had to go to Julian Tavarez when the score was 9-5, after Kason hit Travis Hafner to score the 5th run to get the final out in the 5th….and then what was UP with that weird-assed throw/bounce to end the 7th inning? Kudos to Youk for stretching out prone to scrape that ball up…

    But did I mention that the Skanks lost 7-0 to the Royals? No 500 for your A-Fraud–a good thing we dont see the Skanks until the end of August–his race for 500 will be LONG over…

    One more for the road: Curt Schilling will take the mound for Pawtucket 1 more time before being re-activated by the Sox. Barring any unforeseen, Schilling will be back when the Sox face either the Mariners or Angels at the Fens…Last night’s rehab start went very well, with Schilling throwing 66 pitches (44 for strikes) and going 5 innings. He allowed only 2 hits, walked none while striking out 8…Yep, sounds like the old Curt is back…which is as good as a mid-season pickup any day….

    And yes, I realize that Julio Lugo is currently on a career high hitting streak of 15 games (he had a hit in last night’s game) but I also saw he made his 10th error of the season on a THROW (a shocker, I know) Does anyone know why Theo thought he was worth $9 million a year? Anyone? Bueller?

    Speaking of streaking: Big Papi is on game #11 of his current hitting steak..A couple walk-off, save-the-day homers would not be unwelcome as well…

    And what about Wily Mo! Nice to see him have an amazing game, going 4 for 5 with 2 doubles and a 3 run homer–just a triple away from a cycle. From Wily Mo: “I felt more confident tonight…I was just looking for a good pitch to hit, and I was getting it, and I was putting the swing in there. My last couple of starts, I was getting beat by the fastball. Today I came in with the mind-set of being ready and on time to hit the ball.” Its unfortunate that there are these flashes of brilliance from him–which I believe is the reason Theo signed him–but its not consistent enough for the Sox to keep him–so hopefully a resurgence for him will help move him before the trade deadline in 4 days…

    Coming up: Tim Wakefield takes the mound vs Tampa Bay this evening in Florida. Lets hope the Sox have as much success with them as they did earlier in the month, when they sweep them… Jason Hammel throws the 1st pitch at 7:05pm for the Satan Fish…

    One Response to “Red Sox 14, Cleveland 9:
    Another 3 out of 4…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, I read earlier that the Padres and the Pirates are interested in WMP: if we can get some of that Padre bullpen for him, I’m all for it. I love the guy and hopes he turns into a 30HR guy a year: it just won’t happen in the AL East.

      And I agree with you 100%: if we get a healthy Schill back, there is no better deadline deal we could make.

      I hope you have a great weekend,


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