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  • July 23rd, 2007

    Red Sox 8, White Sox 5:
    3 out of 4 Ain’t Bad…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:33 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Nice to see tons and tons of runs were scored, (29 in the last 3 games) especially for Tim Wakefield, pitching in his 500th game, who is usually lucky if they score 2 for him…

    Of course, it was vintage Wake–cruising for 6 innings, with a lead of 8-1 and then in the 7th its a single, double, sac fly and a single..then Many Delcarmen comes in and mucks it up for the 1st time this season–and the score is 8-5…pass the Mylanta..Thankfully, Okajima came in an stopped it dead in its tracks….

    Jon Lester is BACK!!! On his 1 year anniversary of his 1st start for the Red Sox, Jon Lester gets the ball to kick off the 7 game road trip at Jacobs Field tonight. As we all know, Batsh*t Julian, while completely and utterly entertaining, has not been getting it done lately…From Tito: “I think the clincher is probably when I don’t know if John Farrell or myself said (to Pawtucket Manager Ron Johnson), ‘If we’re 100 percent and don’t need Lester, should Lester be here?’ And the reply was: ‘Yes.’ That kind of clinches it for us.”

    And one of the perks of the whole deal? The Sox designated Joel Pineiro for assignment! Whoo hoo! And since he has no minor league options left, the options in the next 10 days are: trade him, place him on waivers, or release him. If he clears waivers, his options are: Become a free agent, or accept an assignment to the minor league. Most likely scenario is that he will become a free agent…

    And even more good news: Curt Schilling pitches a brilliant 3 innings for Pawtucket on Saturday night, striking out 6(!) and allowing only 2 hits and no runs….and the best part was that the velocity on his fast ball, which had dropped to low 80’s before his DL stint, has gone as high as 94…

    Despite the fact that Big Papi’s MRI to his left shoulder showed no significant structural damage, he still hurts, and continues to be out of the Sox lineup. Estimated time back? Probably Wednesday: Says Big Papi: “…I’ve been doing things with the trainer ever since (he had the MRI). It’s fine. I feel better today. It might take me a couple more days to be better than what I feel…”I need to get my whole flexibility back. When I get to the point when I raise my elbow up and I don’t have that pain right here (top of his shoulder)…”

    Tonight: JON LESTER takes the mound at The Jake against the Indians. Game time is 7:05pm. Jake Westbrook opposes Lester for Cleveland. So there will be no Harry Potter until AFTER Lester leaves the mound…

    One Response to “Red Sox 8, White Sox 5:
    3 out of 4 Ain’t Bad…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Hi Christine: as usual, thanks for letting me save the 15 minutes I would have spent looking for Sox news and giving it to me all in one place: you are really good at writing a succinct blog. Thumbs up!

      And how bad do the Yankees have to feel, knowing they scored a month worth of runs in one weekend, only to gain 1/2 a game, and that was because they played a double header? Makes me smile.

      Heres to Lester having a GREAT game tonight.

      Be good,


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