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  • July 19th, 2007

    Red Sox 5, Royals 6:
    I don’t have a good feeling about this…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:28 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    7 games separate the Sox from the Skanks in the AL East–are we looking at 2002 all over again???

    Once again the Sox could not capitalize on a crappy team and lose a series. While the Batsh*t Julian’s performance was less than stellar, with him not being able to hold onto a 4-2 lead–and that makes 5 losses in a row for Julian–perhaps his usefulness as a starter is diminishing? Julian’s line last night: 4 2/3 innings, throwing 76 pitches (51 for strikes) giving up 6 runs (only 4 earned, thanks to a error by Mike Lowell in the 5th) on 9 hits while walking ) and striking out 3…

    Jon Lester’s line at Pawtucket last night: 7 innings, throwing 94 pitches (60 for strikes) giving up 3 runs on 7 hits, while striking out and walking 3…THAT kind of performance would have been enough to win the game…

    A quote from Coco with regard to last nights game: “You can’t win them all…but we’ve been doing a good job of trying.” Uh, no, Coco, actually you have not been doing such a good job…I think I liked it better when you were not speaking with the press…

    And while Julio Lugo is still on fire, JD Drew is sucking…BAD…and yet another 0-fers..People are talking about how he has only had 2 homers in his last 124 times at the plate–while homers would be nice–how about some HITS? It seems like his homer production is what is always called into question…weirdness…And I am so glad that Tito is not immediately moving Lugo back to leadoff–let’s see if he can sustain some decent numbers for some time…

    And what about Timlin? I guess that DL stint did him a world of good–he was MOWING them down last night, retiring all the batters he faced over 2 1/3 innings he pitched–bringing his scoreless innings to 9 2/3…

    And with the trade deadline less than 2 weeks away the Sox NEED to trade the sucking, gaping hole Wily Mo (striking out in 12 of his last 17 plate appearances) and get another bat–maybe Reggie Sanders? Cause the numbers speak for themselves: in the last 38 games, the Sox have scored 2 runs or fewer in 16 of them–and have a uber-crappy .268 average with runners in scoring position–which ranks them NINTH in the American League. Don’t get me wrong, I like Wily Mo–I just dont think he is a good fit anymore, and the Sox do not have the luxury to waste a roster spot on the 25 for someone who needs a ton of time to get into the groove–if he ever will…

    So I was trolling around some blogs and stuff yesterday and I was shocked and appalled at some of the things I read FROM SOX FANS with regard to A-Fraud possibly coming to the Sox–Some may be paraphrased, but you will get the idea: “Even tho he is a crappy human being, I would be willing to overlook that if he brought his numbers to Fenway” “Can you imagine him batting 5th after Big Papi and Manny?” “A-Rod is worth it–even at 30 million a year” “Every Sox fan I have talked to hates the Yankees, but respect Jeter” “A-Rod can only make the Red Sox Better.” WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Are…you…freaking…KIDDING…me??? As one fan posted: I would rather lose without A-Rod than win with him” I could not agree more–plus the fact that its a pretty well known fact that teams get WORSE when he plays for them, and get BETTER when he leaves…Let him go to the west coast–PLEASE!!

    Tonight: Daisuke and the Sox see their paler counterpart for the 1st time this year for 4 games throughout the weekend. Fortunately, since they are at the Fens, MLB Extra Innings will show NESN, because I really dont think I have the strength for the White Sox horrendous play by play guys, especially the stupid and inexplicable “He Gone” they say after someone strikes out–It’s not even grammatically correct, not to mention its STUPID… Javier Vasquez toes the mound for Chicago. 1st pitch is 7:05pm

    One Response to “Red Sox 5, Royals 6:
    I don’t have a good feeling about this…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, if it makes you feel any better, on 6-14, the Red Sox had a 7 1/2 game lead: tonight, pending the outcome of a game we lead 2-1, the Sox have a 7 1/2 game lead. Not bad at all, and it talked me off the ledge a little.

      And no Arod here, EVER. Don’t care how many dingers he hits, he is a scumbag and can finish his career in anoniminity in California. I’ll take Lugo and his rising 2.20 avg any day of the week.

      Hope you are well:

      Go Sox!!!

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