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  • July 4th, 2007

    Sports Betting:
    The Unusual Way to Support your Team

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:19 am in Baseball,Product Reviews,Sports Betting/Handicapping Comment (1)

    The subject of sports betting came up recently and, what I know about it would probably fit on the head of a pin. Mainly, I thought it was mostly illegal, as the only exposure I’ve had to the world of gambling is the occasional Super Bowl pool, watching CSI: Las Vegas, living next door to a bookie many years ago (who was put out of business 3 days after I moved in–by our friends at the FBI..), and my knowledge of Pete Rose and HIS gambling/betting on baseball debacle.

    So I was surprised to hear that not only is sports betting legal, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry which is alive and well internationally.

    This made me curious, so I went and typed “sports betting” into Ask–and I got 6,965,00 hits. The problem wasn’t finding information about sports betting, it was trying to figure out where to begin…

    Sports betting is is now the most popular part of a 5-headed beast know as on-line betting. This also includes lotteries, horse and wireless wagering, and casino style games (which is probably the most well-known…)

    There are approximately3000 on-line casinos in existence today, with about 1/2 of them also offering sports betting. And you can bet on just about anything: from baseball and football to golf and cricket(!) You can even bet on who is going to win American Idol! Chances are, if there is a competition, you can place a wager on it.

    And you don’t even need a ton of money to do it. For example, at Betus you can wager as little as $5.00 if you are placing your bets via the ‘net, (the max is $5,000); If you are betting by phone, the minimum is $100, with the max being $100,000…

    While credit cards are allowed at most sites, many credit card companies won’t allow you to use their cards for gambling(too much risk–for them). If that’s the case with your credit card, you can always go through such alternate deposit services as Firepay, Citadel, E-Check, Moneybookers, Western Union, etc. You have probably heard of the most popular of these services: Paypal, but they no longer allow their service to be used for these types of deposits…

    Other options include wire transfers from your bank accounts and at some,  you can even use your checkbook!

    Some tips:

    Go with a service that has been around a long time. Those who have been around for a while are for a reason…

    Once you find 2-3 that seem like a good fit, do your homework–find out all you can about the services–Look on-line for reviews of these site. This will help you narrow down your choices.

    Look for companies that are easy to do business with–I know that sounds obvious, but easy sign-up, excellent customer service, and quick payouts are all signs of a good company…

    There are many less than desirable entities out there who are just waiting to take your money–but with a little common sense, and some research, finding a reputable place to “place you bets” isn’t impossible…

    And remember, please gamble responsibly

    While playing Knock Rummy or Blackjack with my family for nickels and quarters is about as far as I will go, if your interests run a bit deeper than that, or the annual World Series or Super Bowl pool that guy runs at work is just too mundane, there is always on-line sports betting…Good Luck!

    One Response to “Sports Betting:
    The Unusual Way to Support your Team”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, I’m not a gambler, but the amount of $ wagered on sports is unreal. Nice post: I learned some things I didn’t know.

      With this NBA ref controversey, I’m starting to take a bit more cynical approach to umpires, referee’s, etc..

      Seems like it is WAY to easy to influence a game.

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