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  • July 3rd, 2007

    Red Sox 7, Rangers 3:
    As Many Runs in this game….

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:52 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (3)

    As in the last THREE games….How crappy is that? But I am just relieved that the Sox got a split of the 4 game series–and do not see the Rangers for the rest of the year–literally…

    Kason Gabbard did much better this time, giving up 3 runs and 3 hits to the Rangers over 5 2/3 inning, throwing 100 pitches (53 for strikes), and only walking 2 while striking out 5.

    Julio Lugo was back in the lineup, but managed to get at least not make outs in all of his bats, walking twice, and advancing the runner with a sac fly–and there were no errors, which is always a positive thing….and hopefully he does not do any worse that his June numbers–which was an abysmal .089–yes, like 89 cents…and he is still 0 for 33…UGH….

    Last night was the 81st game–1/2 way through the season–their record? Same as last year, 50-31–then everything went to hell in a hand basket–let’s hope their 2nd 1/2 is as good as the 1st, which would leave them with a 100 games won for the 2007 campaign…

    Will Josh Beckett get the start for the All-Star Game? His last start would allow him to pitch on 4 days rest, so that is not an issue. Its all up to AL Manager Jim Leyland: Says Tito: “…I can be a cheerleader, but that’s all that there is. I certainly understand who else is out there and what they’ve done and I certainly respect that. If it happens, I would love it.”

    35..is the magic number: 35 is the amount of throws Curt Schilling had yesterday, and will do so again today, on hi rehab road back from shoulder tendonitis that has him on the DL until after the All-Star break…He was eligible to come off the DL tomorrow…

    Coming up: Daisuke takes the mound to face the Devil Rays for the 1st time this season, throwing the 1st pitch at 7:05pm. Ace Scott Kasmir pitches for Tampa Bay, who are coming to the Fens with a 7 game losing streak…

    The remaining 5: 2 more against Tampa Bay, then a short road trip to Detroit to play the Tigers–then no meaningful baseball for 3 days….CRAP…

    3 Responses to “Red Sox 7, Rangers 3:
    As Many Runs in this game….”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, I called my shot in the comment section yesterday on Gabbard: he pitched really well. It was really nice to see some runs score, and Hinske with a bases clearing triple was a nice surprise. Manny and Papi hit balls hard and far last night, just not quite enough. They’ll both be close to their career numbers average by the end I’m sure.

      I hope you and your fiance have a great 4th of July: Be safe. TiVoing the game tonight: taking the heathens to the local minor league game with fireworks afterward!


    2. Christine E. says:

      Yes, Gabbard is not on my bad list anymore….:-)

      I can’t watch games after I know the score…except the ALCS games–even then, I cannot watch the whole thing..

      Probably going to a doubleheader Paw Sox vs the WB/Scranton Skankees tomorrow–hopefully Jon Lester will be pitching one of the games!

      Enjoy your holiday–this day off in the middle of the week is kinda nice…:-)

      10 days to go!

      Go Sox!

    3. Ted D says:

      10 days until what? 😉

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