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  • Archive for July, 2007

    July 31, 2007: Trade Deadline:
    Will anything interesting happen by 4:00pm?

    TRULY random thoughts… Last year, nothing really happened for the Sox–will they do something this year that will impact the team as much as the moves made during the 2004 Campaign. I remember how shocked I was to hear that Nomar was traded, and how angry I was at Theo for trading away the face […]

    Red Sox 14, Cleveland 9:
    Another 3 out of 4…

    And the most ironic thing is the only game we lost was a brilliant complete 1-0 game that was pitched by…Josh Beckett…weirdness… Speaking of weirdness, this was one…strange…game…Kason Gabbard has a 9-1 lead, and it looked like he was going to lose it–They had to go to Julian Tavarez when the score was 9-5, after […]

    Red Sox 0, Cleveland 1:
    This has the air of the familiar…

    Except the shoe is on the other foot–and it’s not comfortable–at all… But then again, neither is the fact that our lead in the division has shrunk to 6 (!!) games…Could it really happen? Could the Skanks really come back from their horrible, horrible play and take the division away from the Sox, AGAIN? UGH–I […]

    Red Sox 1, Cleveland 0:
    Shutting down a potent offense

    On both sides–Good thing Mike Lowell managed to score Youkilis on a bloop single in the 4th, which is about par for the course when Daisuke pitches–in his last 11 starts, 9 of them has 2 runs OR LESS of offense….It’s a wonder his record isn’t a losing one….I am still holding out for 15-16 […]

    Red Sox 6, Cleveland 2:
    Welcome Back Jon Lester!

    I was so excited to see Jon Lester pitch again–even before he overcame anaplastic large cell lymphoma–I always knew there was something special about him–electric pitcher, aggressive, with amazing poise and maturity for someone who is only now 23 years old… Then the fact that 11 months ago (ELEVEN MONTHS!!) he was diagnosed with cancer, […]

    Red Sox 8, White Sox 5:
    3 out of 4 Ain’t Bad…

    Nice to see tons and tons of runs were scored, (29 in the last 3 games) especially for Tim Wakefield, pitching in his 500th game, who is usually lucky if they score 2 for him… Of course, it was vintage Wake–cruising for 6 innings, with a lead of 8-1 and then in the 7th its […]

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