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  • Archive for June, 2007

    Red Sox 4, Oakland 5–in 11 innings:
    Extra Innings suck…

    …Especially when it’s a game that starts at 10:05pm–and you are the visiting team who played the Skankees the night before until after midnight and then had to get on a plane and fly across the whole country, only to land around the ass-crack of dawn and try to get some sleep, even though your […]

    Red Sox 5, Skankees 6:
    The only think MORE revolting…

    Than losing 2 of 3 to the Skanks, is losing by a homer by the bush-league, cheating, Slappy McBlue Lips….. Well, THAT certainly could have went better–I was hoping for at least 2 of 3….in our favor..instead, the Skanks leave 12.5 games behind, rather than the 16.5 they SHOULD be…. A bunch of random thoughts […]

    June 1: And the Red Sox own the best record in baseball at 36-16….

    So, the Skanks are back for 3 tonight, and going into the series, with the Red Sox loss and the Skankee win…the Skanks are 13.5 games behind the Red Sox….hahahahahahahahahahahaha…ahem….sorry…and in the 6 games since the Sox have played the Skanks, the records are: Red Sox 5-1 Skanks 1-5

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