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  • Archive for June, 2007

    Red Sox 2, Colorado 1:
    On the right end of this type of win…

    Isn’t it amazing how in one game Tim Wakefield cannot get out of the 3rd inning, or gives up 6 runs in 1 frame, but the next, he can pitch an 8 inning, 1-run beauty like last night’s game? His line: 102 pitches (67 for strikes) 8 innings, 4 hits, 1 run, while walking 1 […]

    Off Days: Anyone else abhor them as much as me?

    Some very random thoughts… The question has been asked (I am just wondering what took them so long…) if it would be a good idea to move Julio Lugo to the bottom of the order..I think this is a marvelous idea (yeah, your shocked, I know) I think we should move him to the bench […]

    Red Sox 1, Arizona 5:
    Thought THAT would end better…

    What is up with the new uniforms of the “D-Backs?” Dumb Dumb Dumb…that would be like the Sox having uniforms that say “R-Sox” 3 Errors–THREE ERRORS? And the most shocking thing of all–not one of them was Julio Lugo-and yes, while he DID hit a homer in Friday night’s game, how many runs has he […]

    Red Sox 1, Oakland 0:
    Doing What Needed to be Done…

    In my post yesterday, I mentioned that Curt Schilling might need to go out and throw a no-hitter… Well, he did the next best thing–he threw a brilliant 100 pitch 1-hitter that WAS a no-hitter up until 8 2/3 inning, when Shannon Stewart managed to get a hit. Fortunately, Schilling was able to get the […]

    Red Sox 2, Oakland 3:
    I knew in the 4th inning….

    The way the Sox have been playing this week, as soon as those 3 runs scored in the 4th, I said to myself: “Self, this game is over, and the Sox just lost their 4th in a row…CRAP” And why the HELL does it always seem to the be the 4th inning??? Again, the starting […]

    Red Sox 0, Oakland 2:
    Blanked…by Lenny DiNardo???

    One of the reasons Lenny DiNardo is no longer playing for the Red Sox is because he was not a consistent enough starter or reliever to stick–Oh, there were flashes of brilliance, enough to keep him on the roster the amount of time needed to get him past the Rule 5 Draft requirements. And he […]

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