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  • Archive for June, 2007

    Red Sox 4, Atlanta 0:
    And that would be win #10…

    Another day, another brilliant line for Josh Beckett–and his 1st shutout outing this year: 6 innings pitches, giving up only the 4 hits, 0 runs, while striking out 3. He also hit an RBI double in the 5th inning, and came around to score…He would have pitched longer, but the 43 minute rain delay to […]

    Red Sox 4, Atlanta 9:
    Major Curt Schilling weirdness…

    14 years ago, on July 1, 1993, another major Curt Schilling weirdness occurred–actually, it was the same type of weirdness–no strikeouts. And 348 starts later, the same thing happens. OK, its strange enough he has no strikeouts–but when a pitcher who is 4th among pitchers still on the mound in strikeouts–its…major weirdness… Another strange thing: […]

    Red Sox 9, San Fran 5:
    And that would be a sweep….

    3-3 on a 6 game home stand, with the 6th series sweep of this season. Not the best, by and stretch–but better than a losing record…and I could have done without the Barry Bonds home-run–and people thing Manny does too much stylin? And what about that snarky comment of his? “I believe I had two, […]

    Red Sox 10, San Fran 2:
    Julian Tavarez..Stopper??

    No one wants to have Jon Lester back more than me–I love to watch the kid pitch–his stuff is electric–and knowing that he overcame CANCER to come back and be a major league pitcher is something astound and noteworthy… BUT, can you find a another pitcher with as much heart as Julian Tavarez? Yeah, he […]

    Red Sox 1, Colorado 7:
    5 runs…

    THAT is how many runs the anemic Sox offense scored off the Colorado Rockies in the last 3 games….The amount of runs the Rockies scored off one of the best pitching staffs and the best bullpen in the league? I am glad you asked…TWENTY… And perhaps the fact that the Sox are 5-4 in the last […]

    Red Sox 2, Colorado 12:
    And the wrong end of this type of loss…

    Did you ever notice that there are some wins and loses that feel like they should count for more than 1 game either way? Last night’s game felt like that. It was a disaster from the get go…and the only thing that was the same in this game as the magnificent 1-hitter for Curt Schilling […]

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